Browns “Surprised” By Return From Trade With Eagles

The Browns, with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 draft but with a fairly depleted roster, were looking to trade the N0. 2 pick in an effort to acquire more selections and address their numerous weaknesses with as much young talent as possible. Apparently, though, they did not know just how fruitful such a trade would be.

Rather than keeping the No. 2 overall pick and selecting quarterback Carson Wentz or an elite defensive prospect like Jalen Ramsey, the Browns–who had already signed Robert Griffin III in free agency–traded the pick, along with a fourth-round selection in 2017, to the Eagles in exchange for the No. 8 overall choice, a third-rounder and a fourth-rounder in 2016, a first-rounder in 2017, and a second-rounder in 2018.

Sashi Brown (vertical)Cleveland executive VP of football operations, Sashi Brown, speaking at a state of the team address at the Browns’ Fan Fest yesterday, said, “We were pleased with it. I was a little surprised we got as much as we did, but some hard negotiating and [VP of player personnel Andrew Berry] was a big help in that, keeping me at bay and not pulling the trigger too soon. We were able to come away with what should be the foundation of the championship team that we’re going to build.” (link via Mary Kay Cabot of The Cleveland Plain Dealer).

The Browns, of course, were not done there. On draft day, they dealt the No. 8 overall pick from Philadelphia to the Titans in exchange for Tennessee’s No. 15 overall choice, the No. 76 overall choice, and a 2017 second-rounder. After even more wheeling and dealing, Cleveland ended the draft with 14 new players, including a quarterback, Cody Kessler, and now have two first-round and two second-round picks in 2017.

But building upon that youthful foundation and turning it into a winning product is an entirely different matter, as Browns fans know all too well. As Brown said earlier this month, “You always have that second-guessing in the back of your mind that if the player that we would’ve selected there at two pans out. You’re going to be thinking about it for a long time certainly.”

Nonetheless, Brown cannot doubt the process that led him to this point, especially since Philadelphia was willing to part with more assets than Cleveland had anticipated. Said Brown, “When we really sat down and talked with Philly, understand the batch of picks they were wanting to put together, where we sit as a roster today, this was the right decision for us. We felt like we could still get the No. 1 wide receiver on our board (Corey Coleman), which was coveted by us certainly in the building to support [Griffin], and what we want to do on offense and the running game that will be the engine of what we want to do on [offense]. But we were able to do position ourselves for today to address the roster but also moving forward in the future to have more flexibility.”

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9 comments on “Browns “Surprised” By Return From Trade With Eagles

  1. Booch

    Successful models build from inside out.

    • Jeff Bowling

      I’m positively certain that is the best way to get the Browns to the Super Bowl; which is the only acceptable outcome to this Brown’s Fan!!!

  2. Jeff Bowling

    I’m feeling encouraged to be able to build an entire new team in the span of 2-3 drafts!
    Time will tell if it’s a winner or not!!!

  3. Dale miller

    I’ve been following the Browns since they had Jim Brown and we’re a winner. Recently they have decided to trade down to improve their roster this has been a mistake. Look what happened last year and the results of the draft, another hi first round draft pick. The Browns have needs a quarterback for a long time and they just can’t seem to realize it. Bad management equals bad results

  4. BUILDING through the DRAFT The ideal situation but The Browns didn’t keep their foundational players the past few years and signed them with the cap free cash they had in the past. Even they might draft great players here on out they will have to PAY THEM and all the cap money will be gone and they will see players they want to keep gone. Like the Raiders of the past. o

  5. Strauss

    Why would the Browns allow Brown to speak? He’s not a football person but neither is Haslam. Interior linemen on both sides of the ball is where you start to build, not with a receiver whom the head coach has already criticized for not being in shape. And Browns comment that Nassib is as good as Bosa is embarrassing, thus proving my point that he’s not a football guy. Thanks again Haslam. Most of these draft choices better pan out.

  6. Strauss

    Why in the world would Jackson involve Brown in the qb decision??? Browns a bean counter not a football evaluator.let him figure out how many hot dogs to order for home games.

  7. RalphKramdem

    Everybody says they’re a winner in May. “We did better than we could have ever expected.” BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!

  8. BayAreaSportsFan

    You can have a entire roster of young, mid range draft picks, but it’s having a few superstars that wins championships. These people push their entire team and pick up the slack when needed. Every good team has had at least a few of them. So while the browns traded were semi impressive, they need to have a few stars to push the kids. Browns have always had a talented roster, they just never play good ball together.

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