Johnny Manziel Being Investigated By NFL

Former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is the subject of an NFL investigation, as TMZ reports. The owner of a rental car agency contacted the league after Manziel failed to pay for $90K in damages to a rental vehicle, and was ultimately sought out by NFL investigators. League sources tell TMZ thatĀ the car crash inquiry is part of a “larger Manziel investigation which is ongoing.”Johnny Manziel

Although the TMZ article hints that Manziel is not subject to league discipline given that he’s not currently on an NFL roster, that is actually not the case. As Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk writes, the NFL has time and again suspended players who were at the time unemployed. With Manziel’s litany of incidents — both before and after he was released by Cleveland — it stands to figure that he’ll be served with a ban at some point, especially if he begins to seriously considerĀ an NFL comeback.

Manziel, 23, was indicted in April after a domestic violence involving his girlfriend — the NFL was said to be ramping up its own investigation of Manziel during that time, but the league hasn’t announced any sort of punishment and/or resolution. Meanwhile, Manziel himself has reportedly expressed a desire to play in the NFL during the 2016 season, but given his seemingly endless streak of poor decisions, it’s hard to believe that any club would take such a chance.

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11 comments on “Johnny Manziel Being Investigated By NFL

  1. mcdusty31

    Bye Felicia

  2. Thronson5

    His career is done. I use to wish the guy well in his NFL career but I am honestly sick of this guy. No room for childish morons like him. I hope this black balls the guy per mantelet from the NFL and he better get it together before he ends up doing serious jail time or worse ends up dead. He’s on the wrong path for sure. Don’t wish him harm, I hope he gets his life together but as far the privilege of being in the NFL I hope his chances are gone after all the non sense ehe has pulled.

  3. JFisnasty

    What’s new?

  4. Bernie

    Someone finally beat JRUSSEL as biggest bust… didn’t think that was possible

  5. slpdajab55

    J Russell was bigger …. He was drafted top 5

    • Russell was taken #1 with something like $42 million guaranteed… definitely the biggest bust

  6. ahale224

    He needs help. Badly. Forget football. And what are the odds that this 90k in damages happened sober?

  7. bucsfan

    How is it even possible to do 90k in damages to a rental car?

    • seanathon

      not all rental cars are Hyundai’s… knowing his penchant for partying it was likely a really nice car; Ferrari, Lamborghini, or something else that costs big bucks to fix even the most minor problem.

  8. JD396

    He’s going to get a reality show before he gets a roster spot.

    • staypuft

      Sadly, he probably will get a reality show, and it’ll only encourage his current behavior.

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