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THURSDAY, 9:35am: Manziel’s bond has been set with two conditions, according to Ari Melber of MSNBC (on Twitter). He is prohibited from having contact from his accuser and he is not allowed to be in possession of firearms at this time.

WEDNESDAY, 5:34pm: Johnny Manziel has been booked in Texas and he has posted bond in his domestic violence case, as The Associated Press reports. The former Browns quarterback is set to face a Dallas judge on Thursday morning. Johnny Manziel (vertical)

Manziel, 23, was indicted by a grand jury in March following allegations that he struck his ex-girlfriend and threatened to kill her during a night out in January. If convicted of this Class A misdemeanor, the Texas A&M product could face up to a year in jail and a $4K fine. Late last month, Manziel’s attorney indicated that he will not seek any sort of leniency based on his client’s celebrity status.

Judge, set the bond at whatever you think is right,” attorney Bob Hinton said he plans to say. “We will produce Johnny and we will pay the bond. We are not asking for any special treatment.”

The Browns cut the former Texas A&M star in March and two agents have dropped Manziel as a client in 2016. Since the Browns drafted the former Texas A&M star in the 2014 first round, Manziel appeared in 15 games, made eight starts, and tossed seven touchdowns and seven picks. Manziel showed progress in parts of his six starts last season, but his off-field issues overshadowed his positive steps on the gridiron. Those troubles carried into the offseason, leaving Manziel without a job and with an unclear future in professional football.

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18 comments on “Latest On Johnny Manziel

  1. Johnny bought this on himself. Period

  2. Clark

    He needs to spend a year in jail, it’s the only way to keep himself and others safe. I think maybe he would finally see what he is doing and what life without football is without him. If that doesn’t work then we will hear about him being found dead. No one wants that

    • AC_Slater123

      Rich people don’t go to jail for misdemeanors

      • UnanymousSuperBowler

        They’ll pay the bond real quick

  3. Giants51

    Who cares…. Grow up Johnny Football

  4. UnanymousSuperBowler

    At this point, continuing talk about him is ridiculous. Its obvious he will never play football again, move on Football Rumors, noone cares about his career now hes done, a bust, not a pro anymore

    • JD396

      Yeah, no one cares about his journey from Heisman winning first rounder to recently-cut substance-abusing girlfriend-hitting disaster who can’t even pay agents to like him… It’s only about the most intriguing storyline this offseason.

  5. madmanTX

    This is still a kid and he needs help. People can call him an adult and say he did it to himself, but we don’t know what support structure he’s had growing up or if he was so cut off from being a normal person the last several years that nobody is there to put him on the right path. I see someone headed down a dark path and I hope he finds God or something to put him back on a path towards a long life and happiness.

    • UnanymousSuperBowler

      He is not a kid, he is a full grown adult who makes his own decisions and he let himself get taken over by drugs and achohal using his own decisions.

  6. One Fan

    Bingo! Who gives a crap. He is not in the league. I dont want to hear about him either


    From Johnny football to Johnny jailbird

    • UnanymousSuperBowler

      That was good

  8. Robert Baker

    What a shame Johnny Football,You had the world on a string and I was rooting for You all the way.You’ll never miss Your water,until the well runs dry !Ask GOD to forgive You and He will,but You must be sincere with Him ! You can still have fun and enjoy Yourself and never abuse a Female,You life could come to an end.A lot of Fathers let theseGuys get away with abusing their Daughters,but if any Male hurt My Daughter,it’s lights out for good.I made a vow to Myself and have never gone back on My commitments !

    • UnanymousSuperBowler

      Thats why you dont root for a guy who bragged constantly , and also, the only thing that made him…exceptional, is the ability to run but in the nfl it is much harder for that to happen. Manziel is also very small compared to alot of the other QB’s so that would really downgrade his ability to run effectively without being completely knocked pff the field by those huge linemen

  9. Headline coming soon: Johnny Manziel Seen Partying with Ex and Carrying a Handgun.

  10. Againigan

    Forget about football. Manziel needs to work on being a half decent human being.

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