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WEDNESDAY, 12:04pm: Talib is back with the Broncos today, Nicki Jhabvala of The Denver Post tweets.

TUESDAY, 5:22pm: Days after Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib was shot in the leg, details surrounding the incident remain murky. Today, the Dallas Police Department released a report saying that Talib was the victim of an “aggravated assault,” Mike Klis of 9NEWS tweets, noting that the police did not refer to the incident as an “accidental shooting.” A “working hypothesis” is that Talib shot himself, according to Ian Rapoport of (Twitter link), which jibes what the defensive back is reportedly telling those close to him.Aqib Talib (Vertical)

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Meanwhile, one league source indicated to Adam Schefter of (Facebook link) that league punishment is coming for the cornerback. Commissioner Roger Goodell is not a fan of firearms, and the fact that Talib was apparently intoxicated — and a has a history with weapons – will likely factor into any disciplinary decision, per Schefter. It’s still something of an open question as to whether Talib will face legal consequences in addition to NFL penalties.

Talib is on his way to Denver and should return to the team on Wednesday, head coach Gary Kubiak told reporters (Twitter link via Broncos). As he continues to recover from his injury, Talib won’t take part in OTAs during the next two weeks, and is expected to rest for the next six weeks or so, at which point his availability for training camp will be determined.

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7 comments on “Latest On Aqib Talib

  1. rkmarx

    Considering the Broncos are a threat to the Patriots, I’m not expecting much of a punishment from Goodell. If he was still a Patriot, he would be suspended for at least half the season.

    • TheBlueMeanie

      Should I call the waaaabulance for you?

    • GeauxRangers

      He only shot himself in the leg. It’s not like he deflated balls or something.

  2. bobaboey

    Talib is a thug like elvis dummervil bring back tebow and dump talib

  3. JamesW26

    That “league source” must think/know that Talib was somehow involved in some kind of crime. Plaxico Burress was given a team suspension, not a league suspension, when he shot himself, but he was also charged with a crime in a state with very strict gun laws.

    I don’t recall Talib being in the league’s drug program (I might be mistaken), so the level of intoxication doesn’t really mean anything here, but it’s pretty outrageous to potentially suspend a guy who at this point in time, albeit with not all the facts known, is the victim.

  4. whereslou

    Man the constant whining on every site that covers football from NE fans has gotten so old. It like the SF fans that think Seattle didn’t have fans until 2012 or the dumb PED jokes. If fans and some writers too would have done their homework they would have known on of the guys suspended for PEDs was busted on another team but signed with Seattle do he had to sit out our games and the other was Moffitt and if you remember the crazy stuff he did. His wss because he didn’t turn in the prescription for riddilin he was approved the year before but since he did not resubmit he was not approved.

    Anyway this should be interesting when all the facts come out

  5. Not racist just don't believe illegal immigrants should be here illegally do it right

    Hello people no gun no evidence no Witnesses no gunpowder Burns on him from a close-range fire nor gunpowder residue GSR not even on his clothing. The TMZ video had 4 rapid fire gunshots why if that happened with their only be One bullet wound? So Roger Goodell don’t like guns big deal with the do Roger Goodell is also an idiot

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