Free Agent QB Tarvaris Jackson Arrested

FRIDAY, 11:44am: Jackson requested a public defender in the assault case, according to court documents obtained by TMZ Sports. The former quarterback claims to have no money to his name, although his request was denied by a judge.

According to, Jackson earned at least $3MM from 2013 through 2015.

JUNE 25th, 9:15am: Jackson posted a $2,500 bond and was released from jail yesterday, reports Hush. The 33-year-old has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

JUNE 24th, 5:06pm: Jackson was apparently intoxicated and told his wife “I’ll kill you” while aiming the gun at her, according to Chris Hush of WESH (Twitter link), who passes along a copy of the arrest report, which states that marijuana was found in Jackson’s home.

4:51pm: Free agent quarterback Tarvaris Jackson has been arrested for allegedly pulling a gun on his wife, according to a report from WESH (via Twitter). Tarvaris Jackson (vertical)

The former Seahawks backup received honorable mention last month when PFR’s Dallas Robinson ran down the best free agents still available on the board. If these charges stick, however, one has to imagine that Jackson’s odds of playing in the NFL this year are slim when considering his age (33), limited skill set, and lack of playing time across the last three years.

In late April, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider indicated that they were still in talks with Jackson about a return. However, that was before they inked former TCU signal caller Trevone Boykin and ex-BYU QB Jake Heaps.

Last year, Jackson appeared in four games for the Seahawks and completed four of six passes.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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13 comments on “Free Agent QB Tarvaris Jackson Arrested

  1. Giants51

    As I’ve said….. The dumbest in sport play football……!

    • BlueBlood1217

      Totally agree. Not a brain in the bunch

  2. djtommyaces

    NFL is turning into a joke
    Ghetto hood rat players, stupid European games, a catch is incomplete, a completion is incomplete etc.

  3. Bobby Sweet

    “…Marijuana was found in the house.”

    That is completely irrelevant to the situation. Even if he was smoking weed, it doesn’t “cause” domestic violence. The only thing relevant is the “intoxicated” part. Alcoholism can lead to domestic violence. When was the last time you heard of a stoner assaulting ANYONE?

    • Vedder80

      The article is about how he was arrested. Marijuana is illegal, and thus, will likely result in additional charges. It is entirely relevant.

      • Bobby Sweet

        But it’s no different to saying “there was a box of fireworks on the counter.” Illegal, maybe, but is it really that noteworthy? Let’s focus on the “Drunk commits domestic violence” part and leave it at that. It just seems like the writer thought he could get more traffic linking one hot-button issue to another.

        • TheMichigan

          Marijuana being in the house is totally relevant, it’s a drug inside the house that he could have been intoxicated with. I’m pretty sure you can be “intoxicated” with weed, maybe Jackson was on both when he pulled a gun on his wife.

          I also really doubt the writer was trying to pull together more traffic by “linking one hot-button issue to another” there definitively was marijuana at the scene of the aforementioned gun pulling. The only way the weed doesn’t get included in the police report is if it’s decriminalized

          • TheMichigan

            I’m not stating the decriminalized weed can’t be included in the police report is straight fact, it’s just IIRC that it doesn’t get included if it’s decriminalized.

  4. staypuft

    Did they also find toilet paper in his home? Because imagine how many houses he could’ve TP’d while being intoxicated on weed while being mad at his wife or whatever. They should ban that stuff.

    • Bobby Sweet

      This guy gets it.

  5. supertrucker247

    see what happens when you play for the Vikings? messes people up

  6. whereslou

    This guy has been a great back up for Seattle the players have lived him but luckily he has not had to play except in blow outs. That said he had earned $13 mill playing fb and claims hiss only asset is a $100,000 car. No house no savings no investments. How stupid can you be?

    • whereslou

      Loved him not lived.

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