Chargers Sign Joey Bosa

Finally – the Joey Bosa saga is over. The Chargers announced that they have inked their first-round pick to a contract with just a couple of weeks to go before the season opener. Bosa now has 13 days to prepare for Week 1 against the Chiefs. Joey Bosa

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The Chargers gave Bosa the largest upfront signing bonus in club history, Adam Schefter of tweets. The two sides compromised on cash flow in years 2, 3, and 4 while the Chargers got the offset language they were seeking. The Chargers and Joey Bosa agreed to a four-year, $25.8M contract, a source tells’s Ian Rapoport (on Twitter). He gets a $17MM signing bonus and it is all fully guaranteed.

We look forward to having Joey join us and getting him prepared as quickly as possible for the 2016 season,” said GM Tom Telesco in a press release.

The Chargers selected Bosa with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2016 draft. The Ohio State product was widely projected to be a top 10 pick in this year’s draft, but few pundits saw the Chargers pouncing on him at No. 3. While teams traded into the top two picks to select quarterbacks, the Bolts were more than happy to stay put and grab Bosa. Although it is common for the first two or three teams on the board to discuss contract quirks with prospective picks, the Bolts apparently did not do that with Bosa or his CAA reps.

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18 comments on “Chargers Sign Joey Bosa

  1. foltzie

    I hope the Chargers caved and gave him a fair deal

    • bigjonliljon

      I don’t. I hope the prima Dona caved and took what he was offered. Can’t set precedents for the future

    • mrpadre19

      The deal he wouldn’t sign was fair.
      Maybe this one is even more player friendly but the Club was certainly NOT being unfair.

      • Yes, San Diego was definitely being fair by offering a worse overall contract than Will Fuller got from Houston

        • I don’t really know the specifics of Fuller’s deal…but how was it worse?

        • I don’t know how you can type that with a straight face. Will Fuller signed a 4 year, $10,164,313 contract. Bosa’s signing bonus alone is nearly twice the money as Fuller’s entire contract.

  2. ryan1017

    Still a diva. He’s betting on himself being cut at some point instead of working hard towards that second contract.

    • tsolid

      Why is he a diva? Cause has the right to negotiate his contract and ask for however much he wants?? Stop sound like a FOOL

      • ryan1017

        Lmfao. They have rookie scale contracts for a reason. Check your facts before you look like the fool.

        • Not a diva, his agent didn’t do a thing that violates the cba. His agents just happened to be the first agents who didn’t lay down and take whatever offer the team threw out. Everything his agents were negotiating for was allowed by the cba.

        • tsolid

          He was obviously negotiating The offset Language and payout structure. I read the facts, TOOL

          • ryan1017

            What’s with the name calling? Did I pinch a nerve? The kid is a diva. He hasn’t played a down in the nfl. Why should he be able to negotiate anything? They tried to negotiate it so if he gets cut the Chargers still have to pay him AND he can sign somewhere else for more money. Like I said, he was betting on himself being cut instead of getting into camp and really working for that second contract.

          • tsolid

            Name calling? YOU called him a Diva, dude. I could care less about this guy or the Chargers, but I despise people like you, who think they get to decide HOW people should negotiate in a FREE market. It’s called negotiation, so he should try to get as much as he can. WHAT part don’t you understand about negotiations?? I’m sure you would give your employer discount.

          • ryan1017

            I can’t stand people like YOU who tell people they can’t have an opinion. I’m entitled to think he’s a diva. I think you need to calm down and take that stick out of your rear end. You called me a tool, and a fool for broadcasting MY own opinion. I think it’s time to log off your computer and go to bed.

  3. aarongill

    About damn time

  4. BallzDeep

    after all this crap you know he is gonna get hurt by week 2 and be out for the rest of the season….

  5. bowserhound

    Wonder if his agents are trying to line up a Credit Karma sponsorship.

  6. luvbeisbol

    Bitterly disappointed that this is settled….

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