Teddy Bridgewater Likely Done For Season

Awful news for the Vikings as coach Mike Zimmer tells reporters that quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is likely done for the season. Bridgewater is still going through testing, but the early results do not look good, per the head coach. Teddy Bridgewater (vertical)

Zimmer confirmed that Bridgewater’s knee injury was of the non-contact variety, which usually signifies ligament damage. We should have official word on Bridgewater’s exact injury and his approximate timetable soon. In any case, it’s doubtful that he will take the field in 2016.

As it currently stands, the Vikings have veteran Shaun Hill on the depth chart. Hill offers experience, but he is an uninspiring starting option for a team with playoff aspirations. He also has never started more than 10 games in any given season. Other than Hill, the Vikings have Wisconsin product Joel Stave on the depth chart. Taylor Heinicke has been placed on the NFI list with an injury.

In his sophomore season, Bridgewater earned a Pro Bowl nod as he completed 65.3% of his passes with 14 touchdowns and 9 interceptions.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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26 comments on “Teddy Bridgewater Likely Done For Season

  1. Christophe Haley

    We need to go out and get the goofy Kaepernick now

    • Thronson5

      I was just telling my father in law I think they’ll get Kaep. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if that trade happens

      • Thronson5

        Imagine Boone and Kaep teammates again after Boone just ripped Kaep for this protest thing that’s going on? Lol. Boone would probably let Kaep get sacked a few times on purpose lol. All seriousness though they have to make a trade now after this

    • James7430

      Vikings don’t need that head case

      • Thronson5

        Nobody needs that head case lol

  2. Christophe Haley

    We need to go out and get the goofy Kaepernick now

  3. Thronson5

    I really see them trading for either Kaepernick or Sanchez. They can’t afford to go into the season with one of their backups as a starter.

    • basicmo

      So go and get someone’s else’s backup(kaep) and someone’s 4 th stringer about to get cut. Makes a lot of sense

      • Thronson5

        Never said it made sense but those are two that are available and they can’t go I to the season with old man Hill as their starter. McCown is another option but I’d rather have Hill if that was the only option. Not even saying it’ll happen but seems like they have to do something now. They are a playoff contender but without a QB they’ll struggle.

    • Vedder80

      Neither of the suggested pickups are starters. Let’s face it, at this point, the closest thing to a starting QB that any team can get is Manziel, and he isn’t a starter either

      • Thronson5

        Manziel over Kaepernick? Really?? Lol. That’s insane talk. I’d much rather give Kaep a shot than any other available QB besides maybe Matt Flynn. The rest don’t even stand a chance and are all garbage. Flynn isn’t good but I’d still give him a shot. Kaep though has a lot of talent and is still young. He had a horrible O Line, a system that wasn’t good for him and because of his horrible line he was always hurried, sacked or at least hit and it messed with his confidence. He would be worth the gamble.

        • Flynn is terrible. Flynn’s problem is that he never makes pre-snap adjustments. Watch any game footage of him and he literally walks up to the line, does the generic *insert color/state and number*, and hikes the ball. Now I’m not expecting him to stand up there making adjustments like Peyton Manning, and maybe he is decent at reading coverage, but he just doesn’t vocally make any adjustments/callouts at the line.

          • Thronson5

            While I agree with you I’d still rather give him a shot than any of the other guys out there besides maybe Kaep. Kaep to me has a lot of talent even though he has sucked the last year and a half. Flynn can possibly turn his career around. Maybe he can’t but I think he can at least help them stay in some games and feed the ball to AP. He’d be a Bette root ion than Vick or Sanchez. McCown could be an option too I guess. We will see. I hope they find someone, I’m not a fan of that team but I hate to see stuff like this happen for he player and he team.

  4. powerslave777

    Or they could just wait for Kaep or Sanchez to get cut. Or they could pursue someone who might actually help them like a Glennon type

    • Thronson5

      Yea that’s true. Glennon might actually be an option although they keep saying he isn’t available. Kaep makes the most sense to me. I have a feeling he may be cut even though they keep saying he won’t.

  5. Tony6

    Sanchez or Glennon

  6. ib6ub9


  7. TheMichigan

    Or they could use Hill, just a thought, he was a solid backup for the Lions, Rams, and 49ers

    • ThePriceWasRight

      geno or kap would be your choice

  8. madmanTX

    Somebody get Fran Tarkenton on the phone…

  9. Prietowelder


  10. Ben D

    Sounds like they need kap!!

  11. Dick!

  12. hill

    Horrible news.

    Matt Flynn is a decent game manager.

  13. sportsjunkie24

    I think they should try and get glennon he will never start in Tampa with Winston there and he has talent

    • The problem is that Tampa wants a lot for Glennon. Now I’m not saying Glennon can’t turn out to be decent, but he didn’t exactly light it up in his small sample size. Plus, the Bucs thought so highly of his skills that they took Winston first overall. I wouldn’t mind a team giving up fifth round pick or later for him, but I think the Bucs wanted a second or a third round pick for him. Again, that’s a lot for a guy who was average in his small sample size and the team sought to replace him in the draft the next year.

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