Extra Points: Colston, Jaguars, Manziel, Tebow

Some assorted notes from around the NFL…

  • Free agent wideout Marques Colston is still rehabbing a shoulder injury, and the veteran is planning on exploring playing opportunities once he’s healthy. “Once I’m done with rehab, I’ll see what’s out there,” Colston told Aaron Kasinitz of PennLive.com. The Saints‘ all-time leader in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns was released by the team earlier this offseason.
  • ESPN analyst (and former NFL general manager) Mark Dominik told SiriusXM’s Alex Marvez that the Jaguars could be looking to make a deal. The team is very deep at defensive line and tight end, and Dominik says the front office is hoping to trade some of their depth before the end of the preseason (Twitter link).
  • A source told Carlos Greer of the New York Post that Johnny Manziel is intending to clean up his act before pursuing another NFL opportunity in 2017. “He knows he’s hit rock bottom and he’s giving himself a year to get sober and get ready for football. He wants to play again,” said the source. “He really wants to turn things around and make people proud of him again. It’s not going to end this way. He really wants to make that effort. He knows what he’s gifted with … The spotlight got to him.”
  • Former major league catcher Chad Moeller can’t envision Tim Tebow spending more than two years in the minors. Rather, Moeller believes it’s more majors-or-bust for the former NFL quarterback. “Now, do I think a team is going to send him to rookie ball? No,” Moeller told Tom Pelissero of USA Today. “You’re taking a 28-year-old. You know what you’re getting. It’s either going to work or it’s not, and it’s going to have to be fast-tracked.”
  • Moeller also noted that Tebow needs to be wary of teams simply signing the former NFL player in order to sell tickets. Rather, the former catcher said Tebow is seeking an organization that would want him for his talents. “He knows he’s partially a sideshow to start with,” Moeller said. “But he does want a team that actually thinks this is for real and thinks this is someone that can help us.”
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10 comments on “Extra Points: Colston, Jaguars, Manziel, Tebow

  1. BrendanIsIrish

    No one is discussing how he plays its all about tickets I want someone to tell me if he’s good or not

  2. TJECK109

    If the Steelers decide Green isn’t going to be able to help them at the TE spot they would match up with the Jags on a deal.

  3. AshtonLover

    I think Tim Duncan says he want to play TE. Steelers should sign him

  4. ShaneRat

    I can’t wait til some 19 year old throws a heater right past him. How dare he think he can just show up and take a spot from a kid who has been working his whole life to play ball. Make him start in Rookie ball and earn a spot while make $1200 per month.

    • mrpadre19

      Why does no one say the same thing about guys like Antonio Gates who never played football until they just decided too after college?
      Either Tebow is good enough or he isn’t……and if he takes another players roster spot then that player must not be better.
      A major league team isn’t going to sign someone just to sell “minor league” tickets…..they will only do so if they think he can help them.
      They don’t make money off of A ball ticket sales!

      • bradthebluefish

        Exactly! Many people work hard at something, but it’s not about how hard you work, it’s about the success you’ve had.

        If Tebow can perform he should be signed and tried our. Simple as that.

      • milehighmule

        They will!and have!!…i.e. michael jordan

  5. Surreal81

    Please, please no Tebow!!!

  6. ShaneRat

    Wrong mr Padre. Some team will sign him just to sell tickets. Not a chance he can play in majors if his name wasn’t Tebow. Can’t wait till he takes one in the war. It will happen!!

  7. ShaneRat

    In the ear!! Oops

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