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Chip Kelly told media, including Matt Maiocco of, today Colin Kaepernick‘s decision to sit down while the national anthem played last night will not affect his standing in the 49ers’ quarterback competition.

When asked if Kaepernick’s roster spot was in jeopardy, the first-year San Francisco coach responded, “He’s competing with  Blaine [Gabbert] to see who our starting quarterback is going to be.”

After the 49ers’ third preseason game last night, Kelly said, via Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, a discussion on cutting ties with the 28-year-old quarterback has not taken place. Kaepernick didn’t fare especially well in his 2016 debut Friday night, but the sixth-year passer would be difficult for the 49ers to release. The 49ers keeping him around after April 1 made his $11.9MM fully guaranteed for this season. That said, the team isn’t exactly operating with a win-now mentality, judging by the league-most $46.6MM the 49ers possess in cap space. By waiting until 2017 to part with Kaepernick, the 49ers would only have to eat $4.9MM in dead money.

Kaepernick would earn an additional $2MM this season by being on San Francisco’s roster for nine games, but again, the team operating this far under the cap might not make his pay-as-you-go contract an issue for this season. But coupling the money and a potential controversy surrounding a player who as of now doesn’t look to be slated to start may become an issue for 49ers management.

Kelly voiced support for the embattled quarterback’s decision to make a racially themed statement by not standing for the anthem, one he also made to much less fanfare last week in Denver — albeit while in street clothes. The 49ers’ statement also recognized Kaepernick’s right not to stand for the anthem. Players are encouraged to stand for the anthem but are not required to do so, the league said in a statement Saturday.

We recognize his right to express his feelings,” Kelly said. “It’s not my right to tell him not to do something.”

Gabbert looks likely to retain the starting job he grabbed midseason after the team benched Kaepernick before soon placing him on IR. The former second-round pick rehabbed throughout the offseason after three surgeries. San Francisco nearly dealt him to Denver, but Kaepernick’s salary proved to be a stumbling block in those talks after. He refused to accept a pay cut to facilitate a deal, with the 49ers also balking at paying $5MM of his salary to do the same.

Christian Ponder and sixth-round rookie Jeff Driskel are the 49ers’ other quarterbacks.

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20 comments on “Latest On Colin Kaepernick

  1. TJECK109

    why do we care about the actions of a backup QB? If we should be offended by anything it should be him accepting a huge paycheck for money printed by a government he is protesting against while sitting the bench.

    • Because he’s not an average backup QB, he’s a former nfc champion starting quarterback who has attracted negative attention throughout his career. I personally don’t like his actions bd agree he should protest in other ways or forms, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing for us to be talking about since it’s a statement on the society we all live in.

      • Polish Hammer

        Well then Mark Sanchez is a former AFC Championship game starting QB does that mean he doesn’t get bad press now because he isn’t anywhere near that level now?

    • bigjonliljon

      This guy is doing everything he can to force a trade. I say stick him on the edge of the bench and forget about him.

  2. marckahn

    The actions of a few racists does not warrant his disrespect for the country and the millions of good people in it.

    • dorfmac

      Agreed that we shouldn’t overlook the millions of good people, but there is a system in place that needs to be realigned with the ideals of Liberty, justice, and opportunity for all. The flag is a symbol of that system, so I can see where he’s coming from.

      Mostly, I’m just happy to see athletes stand up for their beliefs – no matter what they are – instead of giving us cookie cutter canned responses all of the time. They get paid millions to play a game – they should take advantage of the platform they’ve provided to do something meaningful.

  3. bonus0510

    What a joke…. no one is forcing him to stay in a country he doesn’t respect. The men and women that lost there lives for this country deserve more. What else though would you expect from someone who can’t even lead his teammates? If he wants to do something stand up against the violence that the communities routinely practice against each other.

    • bigjonliljon

      Not to mention the sacrifices others made to allow him to express his views. He’s an ass

  4. charles Champagne

    He has a right to express himself in whatever manner he chooses,. I have a right not to watch any team he plays on. I’ll choose to exercise my rights whenever they put the 49ers on tv.

    • Surprisingly a Bucks Fan

      solid response

    • SD Speak For Myself

      He can take his right and go stand in the unemployment line. Harbaugh would have kicked his butt. Too bad Jim turned his back on Alex and gave this moron a chance. #1 attribute for a QB is to be smart. Now we can confirm that Kap is not smart and will be on the bench until out of nfl. Shame on 49ers for supporting him….but it is SF…a sanctuary city.

  5. Surprisingly a Bucks Fan

    land of the free, unless you do something others don’t like. you can’t talk about how you want freedom then complain about a person who does something he can do in a free country

    • TJECK109

      Ya know sometimes it’s not even about exercising freedom; it’s the lack of understanding of how to express your dissatisfaction. You don’t have to respect the government running this country right now but you should have respect for the country and flag that gave you the freedom to sit on the bench. Sitting on the bench during the anthem makes him come across as a country hater not someone standing up for racial equality.

      • Exactly. The national anthem isn’t about showing love or respect for the American government it’s about love and respect for America.

        • Surprisingly a Bucks Fan

          “land of the free home of the brave” seems ironic

          • ohiodevil

            Tell that to the men and women who gave their lives so we live in a country that is free…..

  6. commercecomet7

    This guy is a load in so many ways….I guess he already Lochted up all his endorsements by stinking ON the field.

  7. Polish Hammer

    Are now now giving publicity to the guy sitting on the bench pouting when he no longer garners media attention for stellar to lay? If it meant so much to him he had all offseason and the past few years of his career to get out there and be the driving force of something positive.

  8. vinman66

    I see has no problems going to a American bank, cashing in his American money.

  9. Miklo916

    Everybody say land of free. I don’t see anything free.

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