Relationship Damaged Between Bosa, Bolts?

As the Chargers and Joey Bosa continue to slug it out, it appears that things are getting exceedingly ugly between the two sides. Now, Bosa feels that irreparable damage has been done to his relationship with the team, a source close to the player tells Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (video link). Joey Bosa (vertical)

The Chargers have not called Bosa’s camp back in nearly two weeks after his reps gave the team a proposal and Bosa feels personally disrespected by that. Furthermore, Bosa feels that public statements made by teammates such as Antonio Gates are part of a calculated effort to get the Ohio State product to report. Bosa finds those types of characterizations from some of his teammates to be “unfair” and not representative of the relationship he hopes to ultimately have with them.

When the two sides were at a stalemate in July, many assumed that the two sides would ultimately get a deal done after some wrangling. At this stage, it’s fair to wonder if Bosa’s contract impasse could drag into the regular season.

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28 comments on “Relationship Damaged Between Bosa, Bolts?

  1. CursedRangers

    I wonder what it would take for a team to trade for him

    • bruce1622

      The rookie Trade deadline has passed

  2. kmeadno1

    Hahaha chargers….

  3. luvbeisbol

    This is too delicious for words. Hang tough Bolts!

    • Wildebuckeye

      Yep, hang tough Bolts…and waste your #3 draft pick so he can be drafted by a better team next year, and sack the crap out of your QB. Awesome plan!!

  4. TJECK109

    No word on how his mom feels?

    • JPAtoIPA


    • leostargensen


    • Purcell

      His damn mom doesn’t play football so who cares

  5. robb fett

    Like Father Like Son.

  6. Dave W.

    Seems to be an appropriate discord for what will likely be the last season in San Diego!

  7. 342 bolts

    Who cares! Rookies usually don’t produce the first year anyway especially a pretty boy who has been spoiled his whole life .

  8. Charger Fan here, if he wanted to play he would of called San Diego and sit down and negotiated in this two week period. San Diego will let the rookie sit, you don’t want to be there your financial lost not the Chargers. The Chargers have still next yer draft to sign him, they own his draft rights. If Bosa wants to play football, call. Personally really don’t care if he shows up or not, Chargers will survive, they have another player at his position that wants a NFL career and just play football. Not sit and whine along with his mother grow up quit acting so spoiled.

  9. Ravens_Last_Place

    Bosa thinks he’s a much bigger deal than he is. He needs to sign and get to work. He’s not a superstar. He might be eventually, but right now he’s a rookie. A highly drafted rookie, but a rookie. He needs to know his place and report to his team.

  10. bitter chargers fan

    Screw this guy. The chargers are a poorly run franchise but the guy needs to get over it and sign. Is he really planning on spending 17 million dollar bonus this year?

  11. Scott

    I don’t think it’s right to not pay a man his fair market value but people need to understand.. we drafted Larry English, Ryan leaf, and tourek Williams with our first round pick in recent years. It’s incredibly frustrating even for a die hard fan like myself (let alone the guy cutting the check) to see these entitled 20 year old kids end up being a bust and losing millions for them to nurse a little bump or bruise for 3 years until we just cut them. They’re already rich and they don’t have to do shit but be good in college for a year or two to get paid enough where they will never have to worry about money for their entire life. Give me a break. Play one season for a reasonable wage and then get paid. In the real world we call that a probationary period!!

    • Kevin

      Tourek was a 6th rounder I thought.

    • JawKnee

      It’s not that they aren’t paying him what he’s owed. They simply don’t want to pay his full guarantee at this very moment. They said they want to defer half of it to March of 2017…aka a whopping 7 months from now lol. He can’t wait a measly 7 months to get the rest of the $$??? That’s just being diffI cult.

    • mrpadre19

      It has nothing to do with paying him fair market value……the CBA assures he will make a certain amount.He just wants to hold the Chargers feet to the fire on the signing bonus payout.
      It’s pretty common for teams to hold a small portion as the Chargers are trying to do.
      Look…..if the Chargers hadn’t drafted him 3rd he probably would have gone 7th or 8th.
      He is getting more money from the Chargers than he would have had they taken Jalen Ramsey instead.
      He needs to STFU(and his Mom) and sign his contract and get to camp!

  12. bsteady powers

    Sign the guy already. 1st- you should’ve drafted an OL. 2nd-Archie and Eli saw this one coming. 3rd- football players shelf life is tiny, almost non existent. They have to use every leverage they have to get as much money as they can. If they get hurt; the team cuts them with no pay. He’s trying g to make sure he gets paid. He knows he has big bust potential

    • Kevin

      Thats actually not true. The 17 million is garunteed regardless of if the player is hurt or gets cut. The offset language is built in so that another team would have to pick up the bill if he signed elsewhere.

  13. ex-charger fan

    The chargers are ridiculous. Good for him to stand up for what ALL rookies should be standing up for. There is no reason to agree to give money back if you get cut. This is taking the non guaranteed contract a step too far.

    • Rick Astley

      He doesn’t give any money back to the team. He wants to double dip so that the Chargers still pay the remainder of his contract and still get paid from whatever team signs him if he gets cut. The Chargers want to recoup money and have the next team pay the difference. That’s what they want to do with his contract. Either way he still gets his money.


    If I was another team I wouldn’t touch this greedy player in the draft. He should just go to Canada. If I was an NFL player, I wouldn’t want this guy as a team mate. If I get cut loose from my job, they aren’t going to keep paying me while my new employer pays me also. This young man needs to get over himself. You haven’t done anything in the NFL.

  15. Yikes!! Really Joey, gonna throw a veterans name around, a HOF’er at that!! Not gonna sit well with the guys! Good luck with that! Entiteled for sure! Glad the Chargers are holding their stance!

  16. San Diegan

    Give the kid it’s money, The Spanos are always nickel and diming the city of San Diego, just pay for your stadium and pay your players and stop being such cheapskates.

  17. ShaneRat

    Cut the crap. Get to work Bozo!!!

  18. Bravos95

    The reality is that Bosa doesn’t want to play for the Chargers period !!!

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