NFC Notes: Bradford, Vikings, Rams, Mason

Peter King of The MMQB spoke with Vikings GM Rick Spielman about the Sam Bradford trade and how it unfolded. As Spielman explained, teams all around the league were asking for a fortune to part with their veteran quarterbacks.

I made a bunch of calls. I am not gonna mention teams. But there was blood in the water and teams knew it. The price was too high,” the Vikings GM said. “I didn’t want to mortgage our future. Some teams asked for a first-round pick and a core young player. I can understand the pick. But we worked too hard over the past three years to put all that time and energy into drafting and developing a solid core of this team. I was taken aback who they were asking for. Players who’d been in the Pro Bowl. I mean, in the off-season you’ve got time. There’s not blood in the water in the off-season. But now there was.

The Vikings paid a big price to land Bradford, but they didn’t part with anyone currently on their roster. While some observers have said that the Vikings gave up too much to get the former No. 1 overall pick, it sounds like the Vikes would have had to give up as much or more for any other established QB.

Here’s more from the NFC:

  • Not only is Tre Mason not on the Rams roster, but the team has not spoken directly with the troubled quarterback in some time, as Mike Florio of PFT writes. “Tre Mason is on our Reserve/Did Not Report list, that’s where he stands,” coach Jeff Fisher told reporters this weekend. “We’ve been in communication with the family, not Tre, but with the family. The organization’s position, including the league and the [NFL] Players Association, is to take care of him and help him to get the help that he needs to get through this life crisis that he’s having.” Mason can return to the team at any time until the Tuesday after Week 10 and he will be unpaid until he does. If/when he reports, the Rams will have to decide how to handle him from a roster perspective. Of course, Mason has demons to deal with before he can even consider returning to football.
  • Carson Wentz ran a pro-style offense at North Dakota State, and the Eagles believe that has prepared him well to start right away in the NFL, as Lorenzo Reyes of USA Today writes. With the Bison, Wentz used a lot of play-action passes, shotgun plays, zone-reads, and power sweeps. “Some guys don’t even do half those things,” Wentz said in April. “A lot of the stuff we did (at NDSU) was similar to what you see in the NFL. We just called it something different..“Any time we were in two-minute, I called it. Unless it was a huddle play and I would get it from the sidelines. But even some of those calls, I could change at the line.” Last week, the Eagles’ faith in Wentz allowed them to trade Bradford to Minnesota for substantial draft pick compensation.
  • Former Bears kicker says he’s Robbie Gould definitely not retiring, Adam Jahns of the Chicago Tribune tweets. Gould still plans to kick this year and beyond, Jahns adds, and he has a few teams vying for his services. The Bears cut Gould earlier this week.
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11 comments on “NFC Notes: Bradford, Vikings, Rams, Mason

  1. FloridaMan1988

    Tre Mason is a RB not a QB

    • koldjerky

      Would explain the troubled part then. He can’t even figure out his own position!

  2. ahale224

    It’s good to know the former Bears kicker says he Robbie Gould, otherwise I might get confused.

    • planetsabc

      Yeah He might’ve had cute

      • planetsabc


  3. ib6ub9

    1st pick and 4th for a backup QB sounds good. lol to the Eagles. with 1st overall pick they could have got a better backup. go vikes lol

    • Why are you convinced that they are going to be the worst team in the league (aside from the fact that you’re a troll)? Even without Bridgewater, the Vikings are better than the Browns. Unless they suffer injuries everywhere and Bradford/Hill just completely stink it up, they should still be an average team. Without seeing how the Vikes play without Bridgewater, I still think they can be better than the Titans, Eagles, and Bucs. You could also throw teams like the Jags, 49ers, Bills, Dolphins, Cowboys, Bears, Lions, Chargers, and Rams in there since all of those teams are dealing with injuries/suspensions, are young teams going through a rebuild/retooling phase, or have uninspiring options at QB as well.

      • Skol72

        dont reply to ib6ub9, he is a Packer fan that trolls all the Vikings news. He is having troubke with 2nd place in the NFC North division. Vikings are ascending and the Packers are descending and he cant come to grips with it. also knowing the Vikings can win with whomever is quarterbacking. he cant say the same for his team. Packers are a mess and he knows it

        • juice04

          please explain how one of the super bowl favorites are a mess.

          • Skol72

            you guys apparently should win every year! Just listen to the odds makers and espn. is it the prolific defense you guys have? how about that running game? Denver won last year on Defense. Seattle won on defense. Green bay has no defense and if you reply back that you do. you dont know your team at all. Dont feed me that now that Jordy Nelson is back that its what puts you over the hump. I live in reality not a hyped up cheesehead blur

      • Mientke

        Vegas put them back at 20-1 odds of winning super bowl. Same as they were before Teddy injury. Vikes will be fine.

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