Vikings Acquire Sam Bradford From Eagles

12:00pm: If the Vikings make it to the NFC Championship game, the 2018 conditional fourth-rounder headed to the Eagles will turn into a third-rounder, tweets’s Adam Schefter. If the Vikings win the Super Bowl, the pick will become a second-rounder.

10:23am: The 2018 fourth-round pick that the Eagles are receiving can become a third-round pick or even a second-round choice, depending on how Bradford performs with the Vikings, Albert Breer of (on Twitter).

Bradford’s deal includes a $1MM escalator if he plays 90% of his team’s offensive snaps in 2017, Ben Goessling of notes (on Twitter).

9:33am: The Vikings have acquired Sam Bradford from the Eagles, according to Adam Schefter of (on Twitter). The Eagles will receive Minnesota’s 2017 first-round pick and 2018 fourth-round pick, per a club announcement confirming the deal."<strong

The Vikings now have a capable and experienced quarterback to step in after Teddy Bridgewater suffered a devastating knee injury earlier this week. Many have criticized the Vikings for not having a quality backup behind Bridgewater, but they have found a respected signal caller to lead the way. However, it remains to be seen if Bradford can pick up the offense with less than a week to go before the season opener. Ultimately, the Vikings felt better about Bradford learning the playbook on short notice than having Shaun Hill under center, despite his familiarity with Norv Turner‘s system.

The Vikings have given up a significant haul to acquire Bradford, who ostensibly would only be their starter for one year while Bridgewater is sidelined. However, the former No.1 overall pick is signed through the 2017 season and that does give the Vikings some insurance in case Bridgewater is not ready to go for the start of next season. Also, if Bradford performs well this year and Bridgewater comes back healthy, the Vikings could find a healthy trade market for Bradford and recoup some of what they sent to Philly.

The Eagles have already paid Bradford his $11MM signing bonus, but they are now off the hook for the remaining $7MM in 2016. In 2017, Bradford will carry a $22.5MM cap number with a $13MM base salary.

With Bradford out of the picture, the Eagles will turn to either Chase Daniel or rookie Carson Wentz to start at QB to begin the season. Daniel, who has a history in Doug Pederson‘s offense, is more likely to get the nod.

The trade reunites Bradford with his old teammate at Oklahoma, Adrian Peterson. Bradford set new career-highs in 2015 with a 65.0% completion percentage and 3,725 yards passing. He also tossed 19 touchdowns against 14 interceptions, leading the club to a 7-7 record in his starts.

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50 comments on “Vikings Acquire Sam Bradford From Eagles

  1. aarongill

    WTF? They gave a first for Bradford? Why couldn’t you trade for Kap? Get him got like a 4th? Vikings are dumb. Oh well.

    • DarkGhost

      Unlike Kap Bradford can actually throw the ball a little bit. A first round pick for an average starting quarterback is the going rate now. Look at what the Rams and eagles just have up for 2 college kids that have never played a down of NFL football

    • Fercar20

      Because regardless of Kap’s ability or lack thereof on the footbal field, he is currently a distraction in the news. Vikes don’t need any distractions.

  2. mikey

    While Bradford himself isn’t worth the first and fourth, his experience as a quarterback is. They are a playoff team, but if they had hill as the starter, it’d be a waste. So while I think he might’ve still even then been over paid, I get it. Great trade for the Eagles though.

    • bedbathandbiyombo

      Even with Bradford the Eagles weren’t a contender. I don’t think this changes anything for them this year. This is probably the best news Eagles fans have heard in a really long time.

      • ChiSoxCity

        Yes, because we all know Philly fans care more about 1st round draft picks than winning. (See 76ers for reference). Is tanking the whole season to acquire some OLer or DLer in the draft good news? Really?

        • bedbathandbiyombo

          How good did you think the Eagles were going to be with Bradford as QB? In my opinion, not having him costs them…1 win? 2 wins? I don’t know if this is exactly analogous to the way the 76ers operate.

    • Eagles

      Roseman will be up for executive of the year for the job he’s done since Chip left.

  3. ib6ub9

    wow they are going to give up the number one overall draft pick for him. 0-16

  4. sals029

    Wow that’s a steep price to pay for below average Sam Bradford. Vikings better be as good as they think they are, anything short of a deep playoff run makes this a complete waste.

  5. Ravens_Last_Place

    Hahahahaha. Should have stuck with Hill and kept your draft picks. In a best-case scenario, you will slip into the playoffs as a wildcard team and be one and done. Just like last year. This is a horrible move.

  6. JT19

    I don’t understand the Vikings’ thinking here. They give up a first round pick for what should be one year of Bradford. While this should keep them competitive for the year, the underlying issue here is that Bradford probably has little to no knowledge of their system. Best case scenario, Bradford misses the first week or two in order to learn the system. Most likely, Bradford has to play a simplified version of the playbook and build chemistry with his receivers/running backs on the fly. They would have been better off parting with a mid-round pick for a backup QB.

  7. brewcrewbernie

    As a Packer fan I love this. Sam Bradford. The guy is a cry baby and fragile as a china doll. A 1st round and a 4th round for this chump!? Hilarious!

    • Ravens_Last_Place

      I’m not a fan of the Packers or the Vikings. But until #12 is gone in GB, they will continue to rule the NFC North. Barring injuries and bad luck, no other NFCN team can compete. Bridgewater has a long way to go. He has shown some promise but nowhere near as much as delusional MIN fans think. They thought he was ready for a Super Bowl run lol.

      • Skol72

        WHAT?? didnt the ravens win a superbowl with Dilfer.? and it wasnt because Dilfer was a prolific passer. they won on defense and running the ball.

        • ib6ub9

          The Vikings are not the Ravens they suck there a bunch of chokes that keep getting over the hill QB to run there team. Keep F’N up there future!

          • Skol72

            I always enjoy these Packer fans. you post Jordy Nelson last year and couldnt overcome it. the Vikings arent built around the QB. if Rodgers goes down, you all neither have a running game or a defense to go anywhere. you will enjoy your loss in our new home this year

    • ChiSoxCity

      Cry baby? Fragile as a china doll? Sounds a lot like Rodgers if you ask me.

      All you have to do is hit him in the mouth and feed him to the turf a few times and he’s done. Common knowledge around the league now.

    • sweatNECKLACE

      Do you think the Packers would make this trade if Rodgers had the same injury as Bridgewater? My guess is yes.

  8. rycm131

    This may seem like a lot considering they could of signed Jordan Rogers for the league minimum, but once the Vikes trade Bradford and say pick up a 2 or 3 Rd pick for him and maybe a 4 or later, this won’t look as bad. It’s like investing 100 in a stock that drops down to 50 and then you sell. You only lost 50 not 100.

  9. Skol72

    Hill will still be the starter. Bradford is simply a back up since their starter and back up are both out. the move had to be made and unfortunately for a hefty cost

    • ib6ub9

      Teams have to get down to 53. I’m sure you can pick up another crappy QB(bradford) and not have to give up 1st over-all pick in 2017. worst team in nfl

  10. Skol72

    what needs to be understood here is that the likelyhood of Bridgewater being ready for next season is a long shot. althougn I dont agree with giving up a first rounder for Bradford. the Vikes are in a tough position at the QB spot. And before you respond with idiocy ib6ub9, think of what the Pack would trade off if Rodgers and their #2 Qb were both down

      • Skol72

        no worries ib6ub9, I can see your still bitter from losing the NFC North title last year. our future still looks bright and young. too nad your team doesnt. enjoy your years of mediocrity

      • Skol72

        no worries ib6ub9, I can see your still bitter from losing the NFC North title last year. our future still looks bright and young. too bad your team doesnt. enjoy your years of mediocrity

        • ib6ub9

          how many games did your vikings win in the playoffs last years? oh yes 0 glad you won nfl north now you can put up a banner in your glass oven

    • Skol72

      trolling the chatrooms ib6ub9, you must feel threatened by the Vikes. why else would you feel the need to comment on us choke artists and non super bowl winners. I understand, its hard to accept your teams demise in a division that they have dominated for years. accept your backseat now for a long time

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