Colin Kaepernick Likely To Make 49ers’ Roster

The 49ers will have some tough choices to make as they cut down to 53, but it sounds like they won’t be wrestling over what to do with Colin Kaepernick. The controversial quarterback is likely to survive tomorrow’s cut deadline, according to Mike Garafolo of (on Twitter). Colin Kaepernick (vertical)

Kaepernick has been making headlines for unexpected reasons as of late and he lost his starting job to Blaine Gabbert long ago, even if coach Chip Kelly won’t admit to it publicly. There were rumblings that Kaepernick had fallen behind both offseason pick Christian Ponder and sixth-round rookie Jeff Driskel in the eyes of coaches, but that is apparently not the case. Kaepernick has cemented himself as one of the better QBs on San Francisco’s roster and should remain there for the start of the season.

Kaepernick is due to make $11.9MM via fully guaranteed base salary this season, so dropping him wouldn’t save SF any money. The Niners entertained trade offers for Kaepernick this offseason, including a long flirtation with the Broncos, but they never found a suitable deal.

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12 comments on “Colin Kaepernick Likely To Make 49ers’ Roster

  1. Thronson5

    I wonder if Kaep or Ponder end up being traded to the Vikings. Not saying either of them make sense for the Vikings, not saying either trade will happen but I don’t see the 9ers carrying Gabbert, Kaepernick and Ponder all season, I do see the Vikings needing QB and both Kaep and Ponder could actually help strengthen their QB situation. I know they gave up on Ponder but a reunion doesn’t seem far fetched at this point and he has looked pretty decent this pre season even if it’s against guys that might not even make the 53 man roster for opposing teams and I also think Kaepernick would fit well with the Vikings. Time will tell I guess. My bet it Ponder ends up back in Minnesota.

    • Ravens_Last_Place

      Every team with QB surplus, or some one better than Hill (which isn’t hard to find), are probably contacting the Vikings. If the Vikings want to trade for a QB, I would think they would have higher standards than Kaep or Ponder. Both are probably better than Hill, but not enough so that it warrants a trade.

    • As a Vikings fan, I WANT KAEPERNICK!!!

      • Mikel Grady

        Since you wouldn’t be the one paying 11.9 million salary for this year I understand that . For the Vikings front office I would strongly question that opinion .

  2. I’m boycotting the league if he is in it

    • DannyQ3913

      Sure you are…..

    • No you’re not.

  3. I’m boycotting the league if he is in it.

  4. bradthebluefish

    Kaepernick or Ponder would be a good match for the Vikings. Curious who else is on the QB market. But as always, everyone can be had at a certain price and everyone is considered valuable depending on the trade.

  5. Giants51

    Why keep a headache

  6. JD396

    Maybe Kaep can get traded to a football team in Mozambique where he won’t have to worry about all those mean cops out there

  7. Kapernick is A$$.

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