Josh Gordon To Enter Rehab

Browns receiver Josh Gordon announced Thursday that he’s putting his return to the NFL on hold and entering an in-patient rehabilitation facility (Twitter link via the team).

“This is the right decision for me and one that I hope will enable me to gain full control of my life and continue on a path to reach my full potential as a person,” stated Gordon.


The Browns are supportive of Gordon’s choice, but executive vice president of football operations Sashi Brown was unwilling to comment on how this will affect the 25-year-old’s place with the franchise. Meanwhile, Ian Rapoport of reports that Gordon’s future with the organization is now in doubt (Twitter link).

This will be Gordon’s second stay in rehab of 2016, writes Mary Kay Cabot of Gordon also entered rehab during the offseason, franchise icon Jim Brown told Cabot. Given that he’s going into rehab, Cabot posits that Gordon may have once again violated the NFL’s substance abuse policy. If so, Gordon will face more discipline from the league, thereby putting his career in further jeopardy.

Substance abuse has long been an issue for Gordon, who is currently serving a four-game suspension. Entering this year, suspensions had cost Gordon 29 of the Browns’ previous 48 regular-season games – including all of the 2015 campaign – and the NFL denied his previous petition for reinstatement in April after he failed a drug test. Commissioner Roger Goodell then reinstated Gordon on July 25 with certain conditions. In addition to the quarter-season suspension, Gordon needed to stay on course with his treatment plan if he wanted to return in Week 5. Given Thursday’s development, it’s now possible he’ll never play another down in Cleveland or anywhere else.

“Our concern is with Josh’s well-being. We will decline comment on his status with the team,” the NFL said of Gordon’s decision to enter rehab (Twitter link via Rapoport).

When Gordon has been on the field, the ex-Baylor standout has performed like an elite-caliber wideout. In 2013 – his latest extensive action – he racked up 87 receptions, a league-leading 1,646 yards and nine touchdowns in 14 games. The 2012 supplemental second-round pick has totaled 161 catches, a tremendous 17.1 yards per reception and 14 touchdowns in 32 career games.

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17 comments on “Josh Gordon To Enter Rehab

  1. const56

    Thanks Josh, you just ruined my plans for the season.

    Get well soon.

    • Gogerty

      Haha damn sleeper pick went through hell.

  2. KVskater


  3. Ravens_Last_Place

    This guy definitely wants out of Cleveland. Who wouldn’t? He will do everything he can to prevent playing for them again. Just wait.

  4. partyatnapolis

    as a huge browns fan who wants him on the field, i’m really happy he’s more concerned about getting his life on track. he’s yet to do that to date. that comes before football. best of luck josh. this should open a huge role for pryor.

    • Ravens_Last_Place

      Pryor is only valuable as a gimmick player in times of desperation, like right now for Cleveland. When you had RG3 healthy in game 1, Pryor wasn’t used and had no impact. Same for McCown. Now that it’s desperation time, the Browns are open to any and all crazy ideas, like making Pryor a major part of the offense.

      Pryor has had some funny quotes though lately. Saying anyone would want him. Why? What has he shown to make some one want him? Also that the Browns can win out. I don’t know if they can win 1 game. 13 wins is a total they probably won’t reach if they add up all of their wins from this season, next, and the season after.

      • TJECK109

        Agreed. Pryor will be figured out, he’s nice to use as a compliment to other players but he can’t be your prominent weapon on offense. I love how it was played up that he played WR, QB and S last game. He was in to knock down a deep Hail Mary pass.

        • Ravens_Last_Place

          lol. Exactly. He’s not a bad player. He’s also not a good one either.

        • A lot of receivers are thrown in late game as a DB to try and prevent Hail Marys. Better ball instincts and catching ability than most DBs. Makes more sense to throw in a guy like Pryor (or any receiver on any team with decent jumping ability) than say a short slot corner or a 4th corner who isn’t that good.

  5. TJECK109

    I guess he misses Johnny Football more than the playing field. Willing to bet he made this choice to avoid a piss test

  6. phillyoakman

    does that mean higgins will get a chance to play?

  7. ernestofigueroa87

    What substance?

    • DarkGhost

      Do you even have to ask, every time he’s violated the league policy it’s been either weed or alcohol. Pretty easy to surmise it’s one of those

  8. sufferfortribe

    Just dump this guy already.

  9. Connorsoxfan

    Josh Gordon’s point of view: Why don’t you try playing for the Browns and seeing if it doesn’t want to make you drink or smoke anything in sight… In all seriousness though, he has got to stop and I’m glad he’s taking a step in the right direction.

  10. Ravens_Last_Place

    Does anyone else think it’s very bizarre that Jim Brown is always around the Browns team? No other ex-player does this. Odd.

  11. Best of luck to you. Hope you can defeat your demons and get your life together.

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