Packers Hosting C.J. Spiller On Visit

The Packers are hosting C.J. Spiller on a visit, as Adam Caplan of tweets. Spiller has been on the open market since being cut loose by the Saints one week ago. C.J. Spiller (vertical)

Spiller’s release came as a surprise because of the unusual timing. After initially making the 53-man cut in New Orleans, Spiller was cut on Sept. 13, two days after the team’s season opener against the Raiders. Spiller’s release also left the Saints on the hook for a $1.55MM roster bonus a guaranteed salary of $1.7MM salary. The Saints have $4.5MM in dead money left on the cap after releasing the veteran and didn’t save a whole lot, which means that his release was more of a football decision than anything.

Still, the Packers are wondering if Spiller still has something left in the tank. If Green Bay thinks he can help, Spiller could be brought in as a complement to primary tailback Eddie Lacy. In two games this year, Lacy has run for 111 yards off of 26 carries, good for a 4.3 yards per carry average.

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17 comments on “Packers Hosting C.J. Spiller On Visit

  1. Andrew

    Lacy is not the problem…McCarthy needs to go, he should have been fired after the collapse at Seattle in the NFC Championship game. He runs the same 6-10 plays over and over and over and over again. No team is going to fall for the RB pitch play and yet they keep doing it. Get Cobb out of the back field. The Packers offense was humming the first few weeks last year until McCarthy took over the play calling again. The team started out 6-0 before their bye week. Then faced Denver and Panthers back to back weeks. Those Defenses and teams were unreal. The team was 8-4 when he took play calling over and he finished 2-2. With 3 of Rodgers worst games of the season and put up 8 points vs the Cards and finished the season with 13 vs the Vikings. Watch Rodgers body language during games, you can tell he is not on the same page as McCarthy, when players call out McCarthy he ships them out of town even though he says criticism is good. Time to fire the goon. The 2010 Super Bowl was the result of a career year from Charles Woodson and unreal defense play in the playoffs. None of that is McCarthy related. We are wasting talent up and down the roster with this joke of a coach. And I have not even covered his horrible replay challenge decisions or is short yardage play calling. Against JAX on 1st and goal he ran it up the middle 3 straight times. This week vs the Vikes you take the ball away from Rodgers and Lacy again…Against JAX he challenged for a potential 12 men on the field on a 1st and 10 near the red zone in the 1st quarter…what is the benefit if you succeed??? 1st and 5?? in the first quarter…and you have to get your 2nd challenge right to get a 3rd….and that is best case scenario. Otherwise, it remains 2nd and 10 and you have 1 challenge left. He is terrible and unwilling to adapt or change. He thinks he knows everything.

    • darko1125

      Totally agree with everything you said. If we know what plays are coming, I’m pretty sure opposing NFL coaches do too. McCarthy’s time management is awful as well. How many timeouts do we take unnecessarily because he can’t figure out a play call. The look on Rodgers face after those says it all.

    • hill

      So to recap…McCarthy deserves no credit for winning a super bowl but all the blame for losing.

      • ib6ub9

        No. Need to clean house. Thompson, Mccarthy, and Capers.

    • bsteady powers

      You folks are dumb if you honestly believe you can’t give the HC any credit for winning the Super Bowl!?!?!!!

  2. fisher40

    You do realize that it isn’t just Mc.Carthy calling plays right??? It’s a collective effort from not just him but also Bennett the O.C. Who has input To the QB Coach and also Rodgers himself, who btw has audibled quite a bit the past 2 games. packer fans need to chill out and just relax we’re just 2 games in. The Offense is out of sync yes. But give it time they’ll get back on track. Seriously you want to fire a coach who in 10 years has a phenomenal winning percentage not to mention a SB Champ. Damn. I’m glad your not running the packers

    • ib6ub9

      Thompson and McCarthy both need to pack there bags. Thompson is senile and McCarthy is a joke. It’s not McCarthy that won the games it’s the players.

      • fisher40

        And it’s also not McCarthy that lost the games it’s the players. Last I checked the head coach doesn’t play QB or catch passes

        • ib6ub9

          No but when you call the same plays over and over the other team figures it out. Should have got rid of them years ago. Thompson, Mccarthy, and Capers need to leave. New blood with something to prove

    • rick_dickuliss

      @fisher40 You failed to mention a few things. The offense’s woes started last year and and carried over to this year. If anyone is to take the lions share of the blame it should be Aaron Rodgers. Missing easy throws, often over throwing his receivers and lastly looking like hes completely lost his confidence in everyone around him. As for McCarthy…I’ve seen better coaches then him get fired for doing allot more then hes accomplished. In the 10+ years hes been here hes been to only 1 Superbowl and has won quite a few division titles…..BUT has lost in the first round of the playoffs nearly as many times as they have division titles in that time frame. To me that isn’t the mark of a good coach but I can’t completely blame him. Ted Thompson and Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers are more to blame then Rodgers and McCarthy in my opinion.

  3. Chaz Boyd

    Andrew all great points here. The personnel isn’t the problem here, we have a coach trying to run a scheme that doesn’t fit the personnel. As you stated darko1125; “if we know what plays are coming, opposing units know as well.” A bunch of isolation routes and toss right(s)/left w Lacy aren’t the answer. We failed to throw one screen (not long ago we were one of the best screen teams in the league), drag routes, and put in bunch formations one time Sunday night to realign the defense. McCarthy seems to contradict himself, a lot! A balanced attack as he state, isn’t Lacy getting 26 carries through the first two games while Rodgers has thrown the ball 3X more than that to a receiving core that he’s out of sync with.

    Here’s the deal, the Packers have minor issues that have been swept under the rug for years now due to our success (7 straight postseason appearances) and one Super Bowl 45 victory that seemed like it was decades ago. But due to our successes these issues are overshadowed and never addressed i.e., through the draft and free agency. This is another conversation in itself…….

    • McCarthy plays to not lose, he never plays to win the game when the team has a lead. That Seattle game, up 12 points with 4 minutes to go. If you get 1 or 2 first downs the game is over. If you throw an incomplete pass then Seattle doesn’t have to use a timeout…but guess what you still punt and they still have to acore twice. If you get 1 or 2 first downs the game is over. He constantly takes the ball out of Rodgers’ hands. Watch his game management late in games with the lead, it is horrendous. There is a reason the Pats have more Super Bowls than GB recently and it is not the QB play or deffense. Belichick can win a game without Brady and Gronk on the road vs the Cards. The Pats D has about the same talent level as GB…the gulf in coaching is enormous. You know what? Bring in Josh McDaniels as head coach, he deserves another shot or that Wade Phillips defense. Both are great coordinators, had a tough head coaching gig the first go. There is too much at stake, the window is maybe 2 more seasons. We have already wasted the last 5. I went through the play by play of that Seattle game today and felt ill. Force 5 TOs and lose…first and goal 2 separate times early on and throw 1 pass and 5 runs up the middle….2 FGs.

  4. Mike sanregret

    I suppose use are the ones that for
    called for big mikes and teds job when they traded farve or the 1s that wanted him gone 4 not going for Tds in the nfc championship. Now u want him gone for being Aggressive last sun. I’ve been whaching gb since 1980. I
    Ur blaming them. Ya there strugging. When Rogers stays in the pocket and starts to settle down. Then you will see the pack that we all know. Be careful what u wish for. Took n
    Belicheck a decade to get his last Super Bowl it’s week 2 give them a chance. Jordy cook Montgomery Davis there all working there way back. So who are they going to hire. I would love to here what u want them to do . Give Rogers all the power like we did farve big mistake

    • KYRedSox17

      Everyone please excuse Mike, he was drunk when he wrote this.

  5. fisher40

    Like Rodgers said a few years ago… RELAX. Damn the packers fans have been spoiled the past 24 years. The way they’ve been playing yeah they’re struggling but you’d swear the sky is falling by how your acting and wanting head coaches and asst coaches fired. Lol You guys have just 3 losing seasons since 1992. Just enjoy it god damn

    • Andrew

      In GB we do not want winning seasons….we want long playoff runs and McCarthy has shown he cannot get this team ready in the playoffs. As others have said, there is precedent of coaches being fired for being okay in the regular season and garbage in the playoffs. Happened with the Chargers and Marty Schottenheimer…consistent good teams and fired after a 14-2 season with a playoff loss. We should have moved in on Harbaugh after that Seattle loss before Michigan got their hands on him. He wrung out a lot of effort from that roster which had been a mediocre team.

  6. fisher40

    It’s like I said, you packer fans have been spoiled the last 24 years with playoffs and winning seasons. I can’t wait till they start having losing seasons on a consistent basis

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