Pro Football Rumors’ 2016 NFL Predictions

The 2016 NFL season gets underway tonight, and the writers at Pro Football Rumors have weighed in with projections for the upcoming year. We’ve predicted which teams will earn playoff berths, which clubs will win their respective conferences, the Super Bowl champion, and the winners of the league’s major awards.

Can the Vikings repeat as NFC North champions under the guidance of Sam Bradford? No one at PFR seems to think so as all six of us picked the Packers to regain the divisional crown. There was also a clean sweep for last year’s NFC champs as Panthers are predicted by all to win the NFC South. Looking for some gutsier predictions? I personally have the Jets winning the AFC East and several perennial contenders out of the playoff picture entirely.

Click on the link below to see forecasts from Zach Links, Connor Byrne, Ben Levine, Rory Parks, Dallas Robinson, and Sam Robinson. And please head to the comments section to chime in with your own prognostications for the 2016 NFL season!

Pro Football Rumors’ 2016 Writer Predictions

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7 comments on “Pro Football Rumors’ 2016 NFL Predictions

  1. Skol72

    Really?? The Packers are the Notre Dame of the NFL. overrated every year!! Cant wait till the Vikes are crowned again for a second straight year. where is this hidden defense that the Packers have? their defense has been mediocre at best. they have a good offense but that could be debateable after last years performance. save your Jordy Nelson was injured because there are 10 other guys on that side of the ball. if you argue ,then they have a huge depth problem.

    • mike22

      Someone is a butt hurt Vikings fan

      • Skol72

        nope, just a realist. I will be the first to acknowledge when the Vikes suck and unfortunately that has been alot of years I have said that. Packers Qb is far and above better than anything the Vikes have ever put on the field, ever!!! but thats it this year. hope he stays healthy because they are built around that one man. Vikes have learned to never build around that because they can never get it right. Bridgewater threw 14 touchdowns last year and they still won the division. so it wasnt off the QB play that they got there.

        • mike22

          Vikings were a fluke last season

          • Skol72

            I agree. I think its a fluke when any team wins their respective division. what else could it be?? typical Pack fan.

    • hc422

      I’m an avid Bears fan and absolutely hate the Vikes and Pack, but you have to have a pretty big imagination to think the Vikes are easily going to take the division. Barring health the packers have a much higher and pretty much assured division title in the NFC north.

  2. VAGsanity

    Finally a group that isn’t on the Jaguar hype train! Harder schedule then last year when they won 5 games…I don’t get it. Steelers over Hawks in a rematch.

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