49ers Won’t Fire GM Trent Baalke?

The 49ers are 1-5 and it doesn’t sound like Chip Kelly‘s first season in SF will result in a playoff berth. Still, GM Trent Baalke‘s job is not in jeopardy at this time, according to a source who spoke with Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (video link). Trent Baalke (vertical)

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The Niners have struggled on both sides of the ball so far this season. After getting off to a rough start with quarterback Blaine Gabbert, the team decided to give the starting job back to Colin Kaepernick. In his debut last weekend, No. 7 completed just 13 of his 29 passing attempts as San Francisco got blown out at Buffalo. Meanwhile, the 49ers’ defense has allowed more than 30 points in four of its past five games.

Despite the team’s problems, the 49ers still believe that Baalke is the right guy to select the right players for Kelly, according to Cole’s source. Personally, I’m still skeptical as to whether Baalke will be retained for a seventh season in San Francisco if things do not improve.

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12 comments on “49ers Won’t Fire GM Trent Baalke?

  1. Ravens_Last_Place

    A once proud franchise has become a major laughingstock.

    • Will

      Bring back Holmgren…Then find a QB…..

      • Yeah…ask the Browns how did that work out for them a couple years ago

  2. phillyoakman

    what about firing Kelly?

    • JT19

      No matter how bad Kelly is, you don’t fire him a year in unless he completely loses the locker room. No matter how you look at it, firing Kelly is just not smart this offseason. Next offseason, if the struggles continue? Maybe. Firing him is a little easier, but the roster isn’t exactly overflowing with talent and constantly changing systems/schemes/personnel on a year-to-year basis is not how the team gets back to relevancy.

      • planetsabc

        Exactly. Ask the Browns

  3. Strauss

    I wouldn’t either. He’s done such a fine job! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!

  4. 49er Greatness is one new owner from reality

    Eddie and Bill proved it could be done.

    Current ownership and management has proven they are incapable of performing resulting in setting new standards each year for losing loyal fans and quality players.

    We should not blame the players but if they cannot execute on the field of play, then they should be replaced. Same is true with most jobs.

    Ownership seems to be concerned about net profit vs winning and laying blame elsewhere. Buck stops at the top.

    Performance, worse case should never be below 8-8.

    When the fans go elsewhere because of empty talk, too much drama, too few wins and lame performance on the field, change must happen first at the top vs. working towards next year’s round 1 – number 1 draft choice.

    Fans are exhausted and running on empty.

    Good luck and and again thanks for all of the contradictions.


    • bengtmobile

      How do you lose a loyal fan?

      • Terry

        Answer: You lose/fire/demotivate/run off the best head coach since Bill Walsh and then set up his replacement for willful by design failure. Go Blue!

  5. Rick

    They were proud and then horrible and then got lucky when Harbaugh accepted the job and then they blew that, now they will be horrible for a long long time.

  6. Duane

    He’s made the 49ers the Cleveland Browns of the NFC…… And can’t draft a receiver to save his life!!!

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