49ers Won’t Shake Up Defensive Staff

The 49ers’ defense is struggling and the upcoming bye week would be the optimal time to make a mid-season change. However, coach Chip Kelly told reporters that he is sticking with Jim O’Neil and the rest of the team’s defensive staff (via USA Today). Jim O'Neil (vertical)

On Sunday, the Niners fell 34-17 to the Buccaneers. Jacquizz Rodgers, who started the year as the Buccaneers’ No. 3 running back, ran for 154 yards, becoming the second straight back to gain at least 100 yards against the Niners in the first half. The Niners’ struggles aren’t limited to the defensive side of the ball, of course, but there has been speculation about O’Neil as the team sits at 1-6.

Last year, the 49ers ranked 29th in the NFL in yards allowed and placed 18th in the league in points allowed at 24.2 points per game under the watch of Eric Mangini. So far this year, they aren’t showing any improvement under their new DC.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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4 comments on “49ers Won’t Shake Up Defensive Staff

  1. aarongill

    You can’t blame the team when literally almost all the players are the same except for some rookies and players that didn’t pan out for other teams. You can’t get better without adding talent and losing it.

  2. Rick

    I am not a Chip Kelly guy but you can’t blame the coaches at this point, they have no talent. Baalke can’t draft or sign the right players. It is going to be a long time before they are even decent, this is worse than a expansion team.

    • Ravens_Last_Place

      Baalke better hope he gets to keep his job forever, because how would anyone else ever hire this guy? But maybe he will, he’s already been allowed to hang around way too long and completely ruined this franchise.

  3. Sufferfortribe

    O’Neil stunk it up in Cleveland, now he’s stinking it up for you guys.
    Sadly, the Browns now have Horton stinking it up.

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