Jets To Start Geno Smith, Bench Fitzpatrick

It’s Geno Smith time in New York. The Jets are planning to start Smith and bench Ryan Fitzpatrick, according to Adam Schefter of (on Twitter). Geno Smith (Vertical)

Jets head coach Todd Bowles pulled Fitzpatrick in the fourth quarter of the team’s 28-3 loss to the Cardinals on Monday, but he gave the veteran quarterback a vote of confidence after the game. However, he was far less definitive when discussing the QB situation yesterday. Last night, Jets coaches huddled up and decided that Smith is the better choice for their team at this time.

Smith, a 2013 second-round pick, has been largely ineffective throughout his NFL career. Last season, Smith was hoping to prove his doubters wrong but never got the opportunity after he had his jaw broken in a now infamous locker room skirmish. Smith’s mid-season promotion will likely be his last chance to take the reins in New York.

On Monday, Smith was brought off the bench late in the game and completed 4 of 6 passes for 31 yards and an interception. In 32 games (29 starts), the West Virginia product has tossed 36 picks against 27 touchdowns. Needless to say, he’ll have to do much better than that to keep the starting job.

Fitzpatrick was embroiled in a high-profile contract standoff with the Jets this offseason. Initially, the Harvard product demanded to be paid in line with his 2015 performance on a multi-year deal. Skeptical of whether the career journeyman could deliver again, the Jets insisted on a mid-range deal that would allow them to bail after just one season. The two sides eventually landed closer to Fitzpatrick’s side, but the Jets must be grateful that they did not give into his demands or public pressure.

Through six games, Fitzpatrick is pretty much at the bottom of the NFL in most notable passing categories, including last-place rankings in interceptions (11) and QB rating (63.4).

After getting smashed 28-3 by Arizona, Smith will now look to lead Gang Green to victory at home against the Ravens on Sunday.

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15 comments on “Jets To Start Geno Smith, Bench Fitzpatrick

  1. mikep

    Hahaha what a joke this team is

  2. StudlyBudlee

    No wonder Fitz wanted more money. Even he knew last year was a fluke!!

  3. bravesfansince98


  4. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expect different results. Obviously, this team needs a change. For Geno and this team, the page has been turned. Time to rewrite this chapter of a season.

  5. JayJayXV


    • He’s probably been terrible in practice. Looking average against teams’ backup players or players on the bubble during the preseason means almost nothing. I agree with why not give Petty a chance, but he must either look terrible in practice or still doesn’t know how to not play in a spread offense if the Jets are willing to go with Geno. If Petty looked anything close to a capable starting QB he would be getting the nod.

  6. bigjonliljon

    Said it here before… was s night stake spending money on this guy

    • leefieux

      Really? You said “s night stake” before? :)

      • Chris


  7. Ravens_Last_Place

    The Jets are clearly giving up and just biding their time until they (incorrectly) believe Christian Hackenberg is ready. He’ll be worse than Geno, if that’s possible. He was pathetic at PSU, very inaccurate, and blames everyone but himself for his problems. This whole franchise is a mess. But at least they’ll have an early pick next year to use on a WR that Hackenberg will be able to overthrow, under throw, or just throw it to the defense.

  8. Ravens_Last_Place

    I find it hilarious that the Jets have 4 QBs on their roster. It wouldn’t be so funny if they were good QBs, but collectively they are one giant steaming pile of QB poo. They kept all 4 for trade bait reasons, but who in their right mind would want any of them?!?

    There are teams in desperate need of a QB and none of these bums have gotten a sniff. What a crappy franchise.

    • Vedder80

      I am pretty sure that the only reason any team would carry 4 QBs is because all of them have significant issues. If they had even 1 QB that did not have any issues, they wouldn’t worry about who the 3rd stringer and beyond is.

  9. Strauss

    The Jets QB situation is the biggest joke in the NFL. All four of their QB’s are garbage with Smith being the worst of all! Good luck with this Bowles. This will probably cost you you’re job.

    • Vedder80

      The Rams QB situation is the biggest joke in the NFL (mostly on their fans), the Jets may be second though.

      • The Rams are at least .500 and Keenum looks better than Fitzpatrick has. Plus Goff looks better than Hackenberg. But the Browns definitely take the cake on the QB situation. Its not even close.

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