Cowboys Won’t Give Up On Randy Gregory

Late last week, we learned that Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory faces a one-year suspension after failing another drug test. Immediately, frustrated fans called for Dallas to cut ties with the troubled youngster. However, owner Jerry Jones says he will stand by Gregory with the hope that he can get his life back on track. Randy Gregory (vertical)

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I, of course, know the details of his situation, and I can’t and I won’t comment on details about it,” Jones told Charean Williams of the Star-Telegram. “But I am not giving up on Randy Gregory for the Cowboys and certainly not giving up on him as a person in life — at all. Not that it makes any difference that I do, but I do not dismiss him from our future.”

Jones went on to say that Gregory still is getting help with his substance abuse problems. Given that Gregory doesn’t turn 24 until next week, the Cowboys owner is holding out hope that he can put his youthful indiscretions behind him and get on the straight and narrow.

Before his latest positive test, Gregory would have been eligible to return to Dallas for Week 16. Now, there is no clear return date for Gregory and football is not presently No. 1 on his to-do list. Barring a successful appeal to the league office, Gregory will not be able to take the field again until late in the 2017 season.

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23 comments on “Cowboys Won’t Give Up On Randy Gregory

  1. Louisiana Farmhand

    Y’all think the Cowboys bout to shy away from a criminal who makes repeated mistakes? They ain’t never get rid of the bad guys, especially when they think those bad guys a good player too. Randy Gregory likes reefer more than football and he can’t control himself. Bad organizations are run by bad people and employ bad people. All for the Cowboys I reckon. Except they somehow keep winning the games. But playoff time a gonna catch up with them real good. Probably Seahawks or maybe Falcons or some one else maybe. They get em.

    • Kfrxsh

      So smoking some weed makes him a criminal? Youre an idiot .

      • DarkGhost

        It does make him a criminal he is breaking the law and the drug policy of his employer. You sound like a child that had never held a real job or understand that when something is illegal and you take part in it yea it does make you a criminal. Wether you think smoking weed should be legal or not, and if the NFL should allow it or not is besides the point. It’s a banned substance and he is a chronic user/breaker of the policy. You break the rules there are consequences that’s something everybody is taught when they are children. So when a grown man decided to break the law/company policy yea it does make him a criminal and he should be suspended.

    • JeD242

      Bad desicions = bad people?
      Wow you must be a perfect person to have the nerve to speak your mind like you did.

      • Louisiana Farmhand

        Just cause y’all a Cowboy fan must mean y’all blindly believe they do no wrong. There ain’t been a team more associated with drugs, beating women, and bad behavior in general than the Cowboys since Jones took over and that the truth for real. Y’all know it true too just denying. Don’t be no liars round here.

    • tylerall5

      Please stop commenting.

      • cubsfan2489

        I second that

        • cubsfan2489

          And please, if you do keep commenting, ask one of the correction officers standing over your shoulder for advice about proper grammar

          • Louisiana Farmhand

            Y’all ain’t know a thing bout words or hawgs. Just cause I do don’t mean we all can’t talk. Round up some cattle than come a callin. Bet you can’t. What kind work y’all do?

          • fisher40

            Go back to the farmhouse and eat some cornbread

      • Louisiana Farmhand

        Kiss the dawgs, smack the hawgs, shoot the frogs, chop the logs.

        Do y’all even kno what that mean?

        • cubsfan2489

          I don’t think any of us care for prison lingo

        • JT19

          No, but that’s because most of us don’t live in the 19th century deep South.

          • Louisiana Farmhand

            Y’all think I’m 200 years old? Y’all been sippin dat there funny water with the tadpoles and water snakes.

          • jrwhite21

            This is my favorite thing ever. Please never leave.

    • TaraGHill

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  2. Danthemilwfan

    He’s on guaranteed money and it’s not a lot but if he was a free agent to be bye bye. Also he’s talented and coming back week 15 for the playoffs. Challenge the ruling, help win a Super Bowl and then take the suspension

    • Louisiana Farmhand

      This sucker ain’t winning no Super Bowl and neither is that old crazy man Jerry Jones. We all know that truth. Come a on man get your head right.

  3. DarkGhost

    Josh Gordon 2.0 Guy had all the talent in the world and can’t put down the blunt to take advantage

    • GeauxRangers

      Except Gordon actually proved he could dominate the NFL. Unfortunately he can’t dominate a drug test

  4. Astros_fan_84

    The league seriously needs revisit it’s marijuana policy. Players are pushed to use highly addictive pain pills but aren’t allowed to use a medicinal drug that’s legal in 20 states.


    This is the same organization that employed Greg Hardy last year. This is not surprising and not altruistic imo.

    • GeauxRangers

      They let Hardy walk though

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