Norv Turner Resigns As Vikings OC

Surprising news out of Minnesota as Norv Turner has resigned as the Vikings’ offensive coordinator. The team announced that Pat Shurmur is taking over as interim offensive coordinator. The exact circumstances of Turner’s departure are not immediately clear. Turner has released the following statement:Norv Turner (vertical)

I have tremendous respect for [head coach] Mike Zimmer, our coaching staff, and our players and at this time I think it is in the best interest of the team to step down. I thank the Wilf family for my time here in Minnesota and want to see our players and coaches achieve success.”

The Vikings got off to a hot 5-0 start this year which was extra impressive considering the team’s unusual situation at quarterback. Since then, however, the Vikes have dropped their last two games. While Minnesota sits atop the NFC North, they have gotten there thanks in large part to their defense. Offensively, the team has left much to be desired in its seven games this season. Currently, the Vikings have the fifth-worst passing yards per game average in the league (221.4). Meanwhile, their running game (mostly without Adrian Peterson) has amassed just 71.9 yards per game, the second-worst average in the NFL.

Turner was in his third season as Minnesota’s OC. Over the years, Turner has built up quite the resume including head coaching stints with the Redskins, Raiders, and Chargers. While Turner has taken criticism from Vikings fans for his play calling, one has to wonder how different things might be if the team was at full strength. After all, this a club that has lost its top quarterback, top running back, and two starting tackles. Before those injuries, the team also saw veteran lineman Phil Loadholt retire.

Before today’s sudden promotion, Shurmur was serving as the Vikings’ tight ends coach. Shurmur served as the Eagles’ offensive coordinator from 2013-2015, so he has a history with quarterback Sam Bradford.

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11 comments on “Norv Turner Resigns As Vikings OC

  1. DarkGhost

    Wtf why?

    • TheMichigan

      Their offense was terrible as the statistics show

      • JT19

        It is, and while Bradford is, at best, an average QB, I’m sure getting traded to a new team a week before the season isn’t doing the team/Bradford/the offense any favors. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bradford is still learning the playbook or the coaching staff is running some basic plays because Bradford is still getting used to the system.

  2. baseball10

    Lets be clear Bradford is an AWFUL qb but what is Turner doing? This guy switches teams every few years why people continue to give him opportunities is beyond me. No loyalty at all and he really hasnt been great at coordinating his offenses lately

  3. Ravens_Last_Place

    1. When fully healthy, the Vikings had no shot at the Super Bowl.
    2. When Teddy went down, playoffs weren’t certain.
    3. When AP broke down again, everyone realized he should just retire. Sit around for 5 years, get on the HoF ballot, wait a few years after being on the ballot, then get in.
    4. When their joke of a GM gave a 1st for Sam Bradford, fans thought it was a good idea. The Eagles robbed you.
    5. Turner saw the future – and in the future there is a Super Bowl without the Vikings. Also an NFC Championship Game without the Vikings. And likely NFC Divisional Round Playoff Games without the Vikings. So he jumped ship. Good for you Norv.

    • JT19

      Literally no one thought it was a good idea that the Vikings paid a first rounder for Bradford, only after the 5-0 start did fans start to think the trade wasn’t thag bad. More than half of your stuff on this site is so irrational and arrogant, I can’t imagine how you are in real life.

  4. March

    The guy above me ouch. I think him and simmer zimmer got into and simmer didn’t hold back. I don’t like that he left mid season that’s disrespectful and he should never be hired again. Although without game planning against the vikes offense I can tell you the play calls

    1st down run it.
    2nd down run it
    3rd down pass it
    4th down punt

    Next Possession

    1st down run it.
    2nd down pass it
    3rd down pass it
    4th down punt

    If Patterson comes in
    Screen to Patterson
    End around to Patterson
    Quick out to Patterson.

    That is 90 percent accurate watch the previous games.

    There in lyes why he wasn’t doing his job.

  5. ib6ub9

    Getting off the ship before it sinks!

  6. JD396

    A spokesman for the Vikings offensive line held a press conference to comment on the Turner’s resignation but he got swarmed and taken to the ground by the reporters before he could start talking.

    • bucsfan


      • ammythomas63

        until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


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