Mark Dominik Talks Darrelle Revis

The general manager who traded first- and fourth-round picks a year ago for Darrelle Revis, as well as signing him to a six-year, $96MM contract, is no longer a general manager. Mark Dominik lost his job with the Buccaneers after a tumultuous 4-12 season and is now an NFL insider for ESPN, but he has first-hand knowledge of Revis, who signed with the Patriots after his release from Tampa Bay. Field Yates of spoke with Dominik to glean insight on the All-Pro cornerback, as well as fellow Patriots defensive backs Brandon Browner and Logan Ryan.

On Revis’ greatness:

“Revis to me, in spending time around him, has unique anticipation. Elite anticipation is probably the right way to use it. He has a way of feeling it, understanding routes, reading the hops of players, reading the eyes, [the] general feel and he’s exceptional with ball skills. He knows how to break on the ball, where to use his hands to avoid penalties, and he obviously has soft hands for interceptions. His ball awareness and ball skills, and then again anticipation, are what make him an elite corner.”

On Revis the person: 

“Darrelle is very low maintenance, very down to earth. Not full of himself, a really good dude, soft spoken, but will speak when he feels like he needs to. He’s a great teammate that way. And really, he’s a good man. He comes from a good family, his mother is a wonderful lady, and Darrelle’s a unique person, and I think he doesn’t usually talk much unless he’s provoked. And Darrelle just lets his play talk.”

On Revis’ surgically repaired knee:

“Coming off an ACL as a cornerback, a lot of guys have made that transition, and sometimes it takes more than a year. I think Darrelle still played at a very high level, we put him in some tough spots in terms of coverage, but at the end of the day he still was what I thought was the elite corner that we traded for. That’s why I think it’s a great acquisition for the New England Patriots.”

On Browner: 

“Browner is a huge corner. Just really long from his ankle to knee and then his knee to his arms. I mean that’s what his advantage is. He’s going to be a little bit tighter in space, short-area quickness, [those are] the things he’s going to struggle with. He’s going to come up and maul you at the line of scrimmage, beat you up, and he’ll tackle you. They have big corners, thick corners, and that’s obviously what coach Belichick is looking for.”

On Ryan:

“Very smart football player, extremely smart. Understands angle, good positioning. Again, good with his hands, and he has enough speed. His big thing that everybody talks about is the top-end speed, but again, if you get a pass rush and you get a guy who understands early stuff and uses his hands well, you can eliminate some of that speed deficiency, and I think Logan can do that.”

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