Poll: Best Bargain Of Free Agency

There are still plenty of free agents on the market for teams looking to fortify positions of weakness, but most of the offseason’s biggest prizes came off the board earlier this month in a flurry of action. Unless Jimmy Graham or Alex Mack sign big long-term extensions with their respective teams, Jared Allen‘s deal with the Bears, which reportedly has a max value of $32MM, figures to be the largest contract signed by any remaining free agent.

Now that the free agent frenzy has died down a little, it’s time to take a look back at the month’s signings and see which teams made out better than others. Considering dozens and dozens of players inked new deals within the last two and a half weeks, there are a ton of potential bargains out there to make a case for, so we’ll limit our focus to players listed in PFR’s Top 25 Free Agents.

Of those 25 players on our list, only Mack, who was designated a transition player, remains unsigned, and most of the other 24 received more than $10MM in guaranteed money on their new deals. A notable handful of top free agents received a smaller guarantee though, including multiple players in our top 10. Examining that group of players, we’ll ask this question: Which of the following free agents represents the best bargain?

While our list of choices may be limited, feel free to weigh in below in the comments section on which players you felt were undervalued, and which deals you think flew under the radar.

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