Pompei’s Latest: Rice, Pryor, Hyde, Draft

In today’s column, Dan Pompei of Bleacher Report writes that executives see this year’s draft as rich in offensive talent and lacking in defenders. “It’s surprising how heavy it is on the one side of the ball,” one NFC General Manager said. That GM estimated that of the 120 or so players on his board, 65% are offensive players. The draft has plenty of talented wide receivers and offensive linemen and solid depth at quarterback, but running back stands out as the one underrepresented offensive position at the top of draft boards. More from Pompei..

  • Sidney Rice took less money on a one-year deal from the Seahawks (a one-year, $1.4MM deal) than he could have had with the Jets in part, because he thinks he might be able to make more money in 2015 if he spends this season in Seattle. The 27-year-old is looking at next offseason since it could be his last chance to cash in big. People who know the wide receiver say he has been working his tail off in order to come back from a torn ACL healthy and stronger than ever and maximize his value next year.
  • One of the reasons Terrelle Pryor is in Seattle is that the timing of his availability was ideal for the Seahawks. The Seahawks, 32nd in claiming order, knew they would not have had a chance at acquiring him through waivers. They also knew they could not get a similar athlete with a seventh-round pick, which was the trade compensation they gave the Raiders. Pete Carroll & Co. are hoping that Russell Wilson will rub off on his new understudy.
  • Insiders are predicting a flurry of trade activity toward the bottom of the first round of the draft as teams jockey for position to try to get a falling quarterback, or the rising quarterback of their choice. The thinking is, the teams at the top of the draft that ignore their QB need will be looking to jump back in at the top of the second round.
  • Another potential trade target at the bottom of the first round is Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde, as some teams see him as clearly the best prospect at the position. One team picking late in the round already has received two phone calls feeling them out for interest in a potential deal.
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