Poll: Best Trade Up In First Round?

While the Texans stayed put at No. 1, and many teams frequently mentioned as possible traders – including the Lions, Cowboys, Dolphins, and 49ers – also stood pat, there were a handful of intriguing moves in tonight’s first round. Five teams made deals that saw them move up in the first round, as follows:

  • The Bills acquired the No. 4 overall pick from the Browns in exchange for the No. 9 pick, a 2015 first-rounder, and a 2015 fourth-rounder. Drafted wide receiver Sammy Watkins.
  • The Browns acquired the No. 8 overall pick from the Vikings in exchange for the No. 9 pick and the No. 145 pick. Drafted cornerback Justin Gilbert.
  • The Saints acquired the No. 20 overall pick from the Cardinals in exchange for the No. 27 pick and the No. 91 pick. Drafted wide receiver Brandin Cooks.
  • The Browns acquired the No. 22 overall pick from the Eagles in exchange for the No. 26 pick and the No. 83 pick. Drafted quarterback Johnny Manziel.
  • The Vikings acquired the No. 32 overall pick from the Seahawks in exchange for the No. 40 pick and the No. 108 pick. Drafted quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

Taking into account how far each team moved up, the price they had to pay to do so, and the player they ultimately landed, which trade up do you think represents the best deal of the night?

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