Traded NFL Draft Picks For 2015

While most 2015 NFL draft picks that get traded won’t do so until after the 2014 season, or during next year’s draft itself, plenty of selections have already changed hands. The Bills’ big draft-day decision last month to send multiple 2015 picks, including their first-rounder, to the Browns in order to move up to No. 4 and snag a potential star receiver in Sammy Watkins made the biggest impact on this list of traded 2015 draft picks. However, it’s far from the only move that will shake up next year’s draft order.

Listed below are the 2015 draft picks that have been included in trades so far. In addition to the selections like Buffalo’s first- and fourth-rounders, which will change hands no matter what happens between now and the 2015 draft, we’ve also included several picks which were conditionally traded. If we have any information on what conditions must be met for those picks to be moved, that has been included as well.

This list will continue to be updated throughout the 2014 season and the 2015 season, and can be found anytime on our right-hand sidebar under the PFR Features menu. Be sure to check back after trades have been consummated for an updated look at which picks are on the move for 2015. If you have any corrections, please contact us.

Here are 2015’s traded draft picks:

Updated 3-8-14

Round 1

  • Browns acquired Bills‘ pick in deal for Sammy Watkins.

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Picks with unknown conditions

  • 49ers conditionally acquired Colts‘ seventh-round pick in deal for Cam Johnson.
  • Bills conditionally acquired 49ers‘ third- or fourth-round pick in deal for Stevie Johnson.
  • Cowboys conditionally acquired Chargers‘ seventh-round pick in deal for Sean Lissemore.
  • Eagles conditionally acquired Bills‘ fourth-round pick in deal for Bryce Brown (would be 49ers‘ pick).9

Conditional picks in unknown rounds

  • Seahawks conditionally acquired Raiders‘ 2015 pick in deal for Matt Flynn.10
  • Jaguars conditionally acquired 49ers‘ 2015 pick in deal for Blaine Gabbert.11


  1. Pick will change hands if Harvin remains on the Jets’ 2015 roster. Otherwise, the Seahawks will receive a sixth-round pick instead.
  2. Picks will change hands if McClain plays 50% of the Cowboys’ defensive snaps in 2014. If that doesn’t happen but McClain is on the Cowboys’ 53-man roster for five games or the 46-man roster for three games, Dallas will swap seventh-round picks in 2016 with Baltimore, assuming the Cowboys’ pick is higher. Otherwise, no picks change hands.
  3. Martin must make the 49ers’ opening day 53-man roster for the pick to change hands.
  4. Unclear if the Falcons received the Patriots’ seventh-rounder, via the Rams, or the Rams’ own seventh-round pick.
  5. McManus must remain Broncos’ kicker for more than four games for pick to change hands.
  6. Worthy must make the Patriots’ opening day 53-man roster for the pick to change hands.
  7. Barner must spend at least four games on the Eagles’ active 46-man roster for the pick to change hands.
  8. Edwards must spend at least 10 games on the Cowboys’ 53-man roster for the pick to change hands.
  9. Could also become a 2016 third- or fourth-round pick, depending on Johnson’s and Brown’s performances.
  10. Conditions aren’t known, but the pick likely won’t change hands since Flynn only appeared in two games for the Raiders.
  11. Gabbert must start eight or more games in 2014 for the Jaguars to receive the pick. was used in the creation of this post.

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