Maryland Notes: Canty, Leach, Roberts

Ravens defensive end Chris Canty isn’t too worried about the NFL ban on “non-standard and overbuilt face masks,” writes Aaron Wilson of The Baltimore Sun. Canty is required to wear a special facemask following a 2005 bar fight that resulted in a detached retina. The veteran will be allowed to apply for medical approval to wear “The Big Grille” (as it’s affectionately called).

Not sure what the memo or new policy is, but it’s simple for me,” Canty said. “No eye shield and custom mask means I can’t play. Eye would be at risk.

“I invented it. It’s that simple. I can’t play without it. I can’t help it that other guys think it’s cool and they want to wear it, too. It’s a necessity for me.”

Let’s check out some more Ravens news, as well as some tidbits from the other team that plays in Maryland…

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