Pouncey Brothers Accused Of Assault

Miami Beach police are investigating a South Florida man’s claim that he was assaulted by Maurkice Pouncey and Mike Pouncey, writes Omar Kelly of The Sun Sentinel. The assault allegedly occurred a little after 4am on Saturday morning at the Cameo nightclub, where the twin brothers were celebrating their annual birthday party. The alleged victim, Ricky Vazquez, took to Twitter to report the assault. Vasquez claims he was jumped by the Pouncey twins and by four of the club’s bouncers.

Although the police are of course obligated to investigate Vasquez’s allegations, the circumstances surrounding the incident are murky at best and it is far too soon to condemn either brother at this point. However, while publicity of this ilk is unwelcome for any NFL player, it is especially troublesome for the Pouncey brothers. During their birthday party at the Cameo nightclub last year, the Pouncey’s were spotted wearing “Free Hernandez” hats in support of former college teammate Aaron Hernandez, who has since been charged with the murders of three different men. Mike Pouncey was later called to give testimony concerning his relationship with Hernandez before a grand jury.

That is not to mention Mike Pouncey’s involvement in the highly-publicized bullying scandal that consumed the Dolphins’ locker room last season. He was one of three Miami players said to have been involved in the harassment of former Dolphin Jonathan Martin, who left the team last October.

Perhaps the investigation into the latest incident involving the Pounceys will absolve them of any wrongdoing, but the Dolphins and Steelers will surely hold their breath when the brothers celebrate their birthday next July.

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2 comments on “Pouncey Brothers Accused Of Assault

  1. bayareabeast

    This should not be reported until its past just the investigative stage. Just look at what happened with Kaep. For all we know it was just the 4 bouncers and the brothers were no where near the incident but because it was their birthday party he thought he could get away with including them and get some real $$. I say wait for some facts.

    • Rory Parks

      Oh, we agree, no doubt. But the fact remains that they have been (informally) accused and an investigation is underway, and that’s all we’re passing along at the moment.


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