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Pro Football Rumors passes along the latest news and rumors on NFL player movement 365 days a year, but those aren’t the only updates you’ll see on the site. On our right sidebar, you’ll find a number of additional features and featured posts. Here’s a rundown of a few of them:

  • Most of the most noteworthy players on the 2014 free agent market came off the board back in March, but there are still plenty of recognizable veteran names available. You can find the full breakdown of veteran free agents by position using our list.
  • With teams having completed most of their major offseason moves, our Offseason in Review series looked back at the changes clubs made to their rosters over the last few months. Our team of writers examined all 32 NFL teams, so be sure to take advantage of our index to find your club of choice.
  • Several players figure to receive contract extensions from their respective teams between now and the start of the 2014 regular season, and we’ve identified a number of potential recipients in our Extension Candidate series, which profiles players eligible for extensions and assesses their value. As the list shows, a handful of the players we’ve profiled have since had their contracts extended.
  • Teams around the league have been active in tweaking their rosters since training camps opened last month. With dozens of transactions being made each week, we’re doing our best to keep tabs on which clubs have full 90-man rosters and which still have open roster spots, as you can see using our updated list of NFL roster counts.
  • 36 trades have been consummated by NFL teams in 2014, and you can find them all on our recap of 2014 NFL trades, which will continue to be updated up to this year’s trade deadline. Meanwhile, you can keep tabs on traded draft picks for 2015 with our tracker.
  • The Pro Football Rumors glossary highlights a number of aspects of the NFL’s salary cap, free agency, and Collective Bargaining Agreement. Feel free to let us know if there’s a specific concept that you’d like us to discuss in a future Glossary piece.
  • We value your input at PFR, which is why we regularly publish polls and have a regular feature called Pigskin Links, in which we highlight a few interesting recent articles from football blogs. You can find our poll archives here and our Pigskin Links pieces right here.
  • The Pro Football Rumors app for the iPhone and iPad is available for free on iTunes.
  • While a handful of our notable articles can be found under the “Featured Posts” section on the right sidebar, the PFR Originals archive rounds up all the original posts from our staff. Recently, we gauged the stocks of veteran free agents Jonathan Vilma and Richie Incognito, and listed the league’s longest-tenured general managers.
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