NFLPA Refused HGH, Gordon Offer

While we heard yesterday that the NFL was considering vacating the suspensions of Josh Gordon, Wes Welker, and other players as part of a new drug policy agreement, the union doesn’t seem to have looked fondly upon that proposal. A league source tells Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk that the NFLPA refused an offer from the league to expunge Gordon’s one-year ban in exchange a resolution on HGH testing.

Per Florio, the union is loathe to consider an accord that aids one player (Gordon) at the expense of others. The new policy would likely raise the league’s THC limit, which currently sits at 15 nanograms per mililiter, to something approaching the standard of MLB (50 ng/ml) or the Olympics (150 ng/ml). Gordon’s positive marijuana test came back with 16 ng/ml, just one nanogram over the limit.

On the matter of HGH, Florio reports that the NFLPA wants commissioner Roger Goodell to give up disciplinary power on HGH issues that don’t relate to a positive test. Instead, the union prefers that a third-party arbiter handle such instances.

For his part, Gordon indicated earlier today that he does not intend to sue the league to in order to play in 2014.

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