Marshawn Lynch On Future, Carroll, Harvin

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Marshawn Lynch‘s future with the Seahawks, and the running back did little to quiet those rumors today.’s Michael Silver reports that Lynch did not accompany his team into the locker room during halftime of today’s matchup against the Chiefs, and the reason was attributed to fatigue. However, Silver is skeptical about that excuse, and he openly wonders whether it was a statement of displeasure by Lynch.

Reporters didn’t have an opprtunity to speak to the All-Pro following the game (Lynch skipped out on his media session), but Silver was able to catch the running back on the phone. Here are some highlights from their conversation…

On his future with the Seahawks:

“Do I think I’ll be gone after this season. I don’t know, man. The Seahawks, their front office gets in the media; they talk a lot. I don’t talk too much. I just play the game.

“If they have something going on, I don’t know about it.”

On the potential that he could be released following the season:

“I understand the business. At the end of the day, it’s just a business.”

On his relationship with coach Pete Carroll:

“Pete’s my head coach. Well, I mean, you know, he’s really not in my position meetings. … It ain’t like we get to chop it up like that.”

On his reported displeasure regarding the Percy Harvin trade:

“I’m upset when I don’t get a first down on fourth-and-inches. … You know, it is what it is. I was surprised, I guess you could say.”

On whether the Seahawks are still a contender:

“Is this a championship team? Yeah, yeah, we’ve got the heart of a champion,” he said. “When you’ve got players like Richard ShermanEarl ThomasKam Chancellor — you’re about to make me name the whole damn roster — aand there’s some young guys whose names a lot of people don’t know who bring a lot of fight. I always look at the best of our team. So … hell yeah. I would have to be a fool to say no.”

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  1. Alberto Schrader

    Have to say lynch has a lot of respect for the seahawks team.


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