Jay Cutler Unhappy With Coaching Staff

Earlier this week, Bears’ offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer was revealed to have spoken to the media about the organization’s doubts of quarterback Jay Cutler‘s abilities as the signal caller in Chicago. Despite a public apology, Cutler is extremely unhappy with the coaching situation, writes Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports.

Cutler’s contract is guaranteed at least through 2015, and there is an expectation on his part that staffing changes will occur in the offseason, according to La Canfora. Due to the comments made by Kromer, La Canfora believes that organization will have grounds to fire him with cause.

Kromer’s job was not safe to begin with, amidst reports that head coach Marc Trestman is already on the hot seat. The Bears would most likely be reluctant to fire a coaching staff only two seasons into its tenure, but the recent unrest could convince them otherwise. If there is a serious rift between the coaching staff and Cutler, it might be logical to move on from one of the two, and Trestman could lose that battle.

Trestman has not only upset his quarterback, but possibly his entire team. Reports that Trestman addresses the team from behind in meetings, and the tremendous focus on offense might be growing tired, especially considering the lack of success on that side of the ball and overall. With a number of problems surfacing for Trestman, Kromer’s comments may be the last straw that brings a short and uneven NFL coaching career to an early end.

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