King’s Latest: Rice, NFLPA, Manziel, RGIII

Within his latest Monday Morning Quarterback column, Peter King takes a look at many of Sunday’s more noteworthy games, and also touches on several other topics of interest. Here are the highlights from King’s newest piece:

  • Two NFL general managers who spoke to King had no interest in signing Ray Rice themselves, but predict he’ll be with a team in training camp in 2015. King believes there’s a very slim chance the running back signs anywhere in 2014, calling the Saints a long shot and the Colts a longer one. However, the executives who spoke to King think that the league’s other notable embattled running back, Adrian Peterson, is a much better bet to find work if and when the Vikings let him go, since his play hadn’t fallen off prior to his off-field troubles.
  • Although the NFL and NFL Players Association met last week to discuss the personal conduct policy, the league didn’t respond to the NFLPA’s written proposal on the policy, and the union isn’t happy about it. “They just want to meet with the union,” president Eric Winston said, “so they can say they got our input, and then do whatever they want.”
  • King would be “very surprised” if Johnny Manziel doesn’t get the chance to start next Sunday for the Browns against Indianapolis, though he views it as an “all-hands-on-deck game,” with Brian Hoyer ready to be called on at any time
  • In King’s view, Washington needs to play Robert Griffin III before the end of the season, either to decide whether to keep him or to showcase him for a potential trade. However, Colt McCoy‘s solid play yesterday will keep RGIII on the bench for at least another week..
  • King wrote back in June that Janay Rice “made a moving case for leniency” for her husband during Rice’s hearing with the NFL, but in the wake of Friday’s release from Judge Barbara Jones which suggested that wasn’t the case, King has retracted that report.
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