Lions To Re-Sign Kellen Davis

The Lions will re-sign a player they cut two weeks ago, reports Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, tweeting that the team plans to add tight end Kellen Davis back to its roster today. No corresponding move has been reported or announced yet.

Davis, who turned 29 in October, has grabbed 50 balls for 561 yards and 12 touchdowns during his six-year NFL career. However, he didn’t add to those totals during his stint with the Lions earlier this season — he was targeted just three times during his brief run with the team, and failed to record a single reception.

When the Lions last signed Davis, it was to add depth at a tight end position that had been decimated by injuries. This time around, Eric Ebron and Brandon Pettigrew appear to be healthy, so it’s unlikely that Davis will see a whole lot of game action. However, his signing doesn’t bode well for the health of Joseph Fauria, who tweaked his troublesome ankle during Sunday’s game against the Buccaneers.

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6 comments on “Lions To Re-Sign Kellen Davis

    • Dkaner

      Why because you say so? Fauria is not going anywhere and he will never be a Superstar. He is a really good Red Zone target but has average to below average blocking skills. He is a one trick pony but his one trick is very good.

      • James Martin

        Dkaner, name 5 Lions in recent memory who went somewhere else and had an even better career than they had with the Lions. /sarcasm my friend /sarcasm

  1. tgd112gostate

    Anybody besides me who thinks the Lions should be signing an O lineman who can play Center, Guard or Tackle & who can block somebody? Good grief, Tom Brady wouldn’t complete many passes behind this O line.

  2. tgd112gostate

    Before you say it- Detroit’s pass offense is NOT New England’s (possession/ball control). It is more down field plays, which requires time to throw. Matthew will never be a guy who makes multiple reads quickly & gets the ball to the possession receiver. He cannot see over the line & he is not accurate enough.

  3. Black Wolf Standing

    Fauria has the best hands of any of our TE’s. He was never trained in college to be a blocker. Thus his poor blocking skills. This coaching staff has teached him how to block. While is is not the moving wall of Pettigrew, his blocking has become better than the average TE and improving. I see Fauria becoming the better blocker next year as Pettigrew slows with age.

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