Vikings Don’t Want To Trade Adrian Peterson

The Vikings have no intention of trading embattled running back Adrian Peterson, according to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (video link), who reports that Peterson wants to play for the Cowboys. Minnesota is aware of Peterson’s wishes, says Cole, but they don’t plan on honoring his request.

Vikings management has made it clear that they want Peterson to return to the club in 2015, so they’ve clearly considered the potential backlash that would be associated with welcoming him back to the field (and decided it’s a worthwhile risk). Still, Peterson has indicated he’d be “uneasy” about returning to Minnesota because he feels the team wasn’t behind him during his recent ordeal. The 29-year-old Peterson is currently suspended until at least April 15.

It’s a fair question as to whether the Vikings want Peterson back if he won’t accept a pay cut — he’s currently scheduled to count $15.4MM against Minnesota’s cap next year, the highest RB cap figure by more than $4MM. I examined Peterson’s future with the team, including how the running back could exert his leverage over the club’s management, earlier tonight in the Vikings’ Offseason Outlook.

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