Dolphins Front-Runners For Suh?

PFR’s Luke Adams wrote last night that one “high-placed source” is confident that standout defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh will land with the Dolphins, and Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports lends even more credence to the Suh-to-Miami rumors. Robinson tweets that “multiple league sources” definitively believe that Suh will be plugging the middle of the Dolphins’ defensive line for the foreseeable future.

Robinson adds that Suh’s deal is expected to set a new league record for the amount of guaranteed money given to a defensive player, which will not come as a surprise to anyone. The Texans gave J.J. Watt a six-year deal worth over $100MM last season, with nearly $52MM of that guaranteed, and Suh’s next contract was always expected to at least match that figure.

The Dolphins, of course, have been major players in the free agent market in recent seasons, but they have yet to enjoy much on-field success during that time. Although Branden Albert was playing at a high level before being placed on IR last season, Mike Wallace and Dannell Ellerbe have been disappointments for Miami in a number of ways, and the teams that spend the most money in free agency are rarely among the legitimate contenders when the season draws to a close.

As such, it may be difficult for Dolphins fans to get especially excited about this development, but Suh’s talent is undeniable. Although the financial commitment is an obvious risk, Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report correctly points out that Suh is one of those rare players who is probably worth that risk. As a dominant interior lineman who can stop a running game in its tracks and get after the passer, Suh alone could give Miami enough of a lift to contend for a playoff spot in 2015. And he does not seem to be the type of player who will rest on his laurels after getting a big payday.

So while the Dolphins have learned all too well what the term caveat emptor means over the past several offseasons, it would be tough to criticize their decision to sign Suh.

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