NFL Adjusts 2015 Compensatory Picks

No one outside of the NFL quite has a full handle on the formula the league uses to determine the 32 compensatory draft picks that are handed out on an annual basis. And as it turns out, the formula is complicated enough that even the NFL itself made a few errors when it announced 2015’s compensatory picks earlier this week.

While the majority of this year’s picks remain unchanged, the Panthers, Broncos, and Steelers were all affected by today’s changes. Here are the adjustments made by the league:

  • Panthers‘ sixth-round pick (No. 213) becomes fifth-round pick (No. 174), per Bryan Strickland of (via Twitter).
  • Broncos‘ sixth-round pick (No. 208) becomes seventh-round pick (No. 250), per Mike Klis of the Denver Post (via Twitter).
  • Steelers‘ seventh-round pick (No. 252) becomes sixth-round pick (No. 212), per the team (via Twitter).

While those are the only picks to undergo significant changes, many other fifth-, sixth-, and seventh-round picks will move up or down a spot, based on these adjustments.

You can view the complete draft order for 2015, which has been updated to reflect today’s news, right here. We also have an updated breakdown of 2015’s picks by team.

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