AFC Notes: Jets, Colts, Richardson, Rivers, Charles

The Jets have question marks surrounding their first-round selection in the upcoming NFL Draft, with a number of players making sense for the team. Geno Smith is a question mark at best, therefore Marcus Mariota could be in play if he slips to No. 6, writes Rich Cimini of Cimini also examines the possibility of the team selecting offensive lineman Brandon Scherff, but points the Jets towards a pass rusher or receiver instead.

Here are a few other notes from around the AFC:

  • The Colts have a lack of depth along the defense, and could dramatically improve their team through the draft despite picking so late in the first-round. The team could stand to add along the defensive line, safety, and corner with high draft picks, according to Stephen Holder of
  • Trent Richardson‘s grievance over having the final year of his contract voided by the Colts still looms over the 2015 season, but this is not unusual as the timeline for these proceedings can often take a while, according to Mike Wells of He writes that he wouldn’t be surprised if the team is forced to pay a portion of his 2015 salary, but doesn’t expect the Colts will be on the hook for the whole thing.
  • The Titans’ attempts at acquiring Philip Rivers from the Chargers may all be for show, but the deal makes a lot of sense to many NFL pundits, writes Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. Wyatt breaks down the possible compensation that would be included in order to make the deal happen, based on a number of different opinions.
  • Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles has been one of the consistent, driving forces of the team’s offense for most of the past six years (excluding the torn-ACL season from 2011), and has been outspoken after the offense took a step back in 2014, writes the Associated Press on He specifically pointed to the offensive line as a part of the team that needs improving. “I definitely want them to address that,” he said. “I’m not a GM, so I can’t do that job. But it was challenging last year playing with guys — some got hurt, some got suspended. So it was hard playing. I never knew how crucial it was to my career that I needed linemen.”
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