Eagles Pushing Hard To Trade Up

The Eagles are are “doing all they can” to make the move from No. 20, according to a source that spoke with Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. Presumably, they’re gunning for the No. 2 pick to take Oregon star Marcus Mariota.

The Eagles could potentially get up to the No. 2 pick without giving up much thanks to the Browns’ persistent interest in quarterback Sam Bradford. While the Eagles publicly and privately have denied that they’d want to trade Bradford shortly after acquiring him, they could be convinced to part with him if it would give them the assets necessary to get Mariota.

Florio speculates that the Eagles could use the No. 12 pick (from Cleveland), the No. 20 pick (their own), and a 2016 first round pick to meet the Titans’ exorbitant asking price. It’s possible that on top of that, the Titans would push for a third round choice, but Chip Kelly could meet that asking price if he’s really as smitten with Mariota as people say he is.

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