Poll: Which QB Will Have Better NFL Career?

Earlier this week, PFR’s Rob DiRe kicked off our position-by-position breakdown of this year’s top draft prospects by examining the quarterbacks in this year’s class. As Rob wrote in his piece, there are plenty of reasons to prefer Jameis Winston to Marcus Mariota, but there are a number of equally compelling reasons why teams may rank Mariota higher on their draft boards.

It still appears likely that the Buccaneers will draft Winston first overall, but while we’ll know Tampa Bay’s pick – and Winston’s and Mariota’s new NFL teams – a couple weeks from tonight, it figures to be years before we know which player will enjoy the more successful NFL career. Winston played in a more NFL-style offense in college, but he also has his share of off-field question marks, whereas there are few – if any – concerns about Mariota’s character.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that one of these two players will have the most productive NFL career among this year’s crop of quarterbacks. Winston and Mariota are the consensus top two signal-callers in this class, but we’ve seen mid-round, late-round, and even undrafted players have a ton of NFL success in the past. Rob identified Brett Hundley, Bryce Petty, Garrett Grayson, and Sean Mannion as the next tier of QBs behind Winston and Mariota, and maybe you prefer the long-term prospects of one of those players.

What do you think? Which 2015 rookie will have the most long-term success as an NFL quarterback?

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