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Back in March, the Colts announced that they would not be re-signing veteran wide receiver Reggie Wayne. No. 87 racked up 1,070 total receptions, 14,345 yards, and 82 touchdowns during his 14 seasons with the team, but the Colts ultimately decided to go younger at the position. The 36-year-old, meanwhile, told Mike Chappell of RTV6 that he still has plenty of football left in him. In fact, he says that he’s gotten “damned good” interest from teams, but declined to name them. Here’s a look at some of the highlights from Wayne’s interview..

On his health in 2014:

I was never 100 percent last year. That wasn’t me (in 2014), you know that. In hindsight, Wayne said he probably should have spent the rest of the season on the injured reserve list after tearing his triceps…But I wanted to be out there with my brothers. I felt like I could do something, even if I wasn’t the No. 2 guy. I wanted to help the team even though in some ways I was probably hurting the team.

On not being able to finish his career in Indy:

You want to have that storybook ending, you really do. I wanted to have that here. I wanted it to last one more year, then I was going to shut it down. That’s what I told them, but they told me they were going in a different direction.

On whether he was surprised by the team’s decision:

Was I disappointed? Yeah. But did it surprise me? I’m never surprised in this league. When they get rid of Peyton Manning, you know you ain’t nothing. When you see them get rid of Marvin Harrison, who am I? They got rid of Edgerrin James. But yeah, I was disappointed. Who isn’t disappointed when they’re told their credit card has been declined when they know they’ve got money in the bank. That was me. I knew I still could play, but I had been declined.

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