Tony Romo Discusses Future, Organization, Collins

Tony Romo isn’t getting any younger, and the Cowboys’ recent moves could be indication that the team is loading up for one final playoff run. Three of the team’s moves have received particular attention: the selection of defensive end Randy Gregory and the signings of defensive end Greg Hardy and offensive lineman La’el Collins.

Whether these moves are successful remains to be seen. Regardless, the team’s franchise quarterback is a particular fan of the transactions, and he indicated that some of the signings could actually help extend his career. Michael Florek of the Dallas Morning News caught up with Romo at the Emmitt Smith’s Charity Invitational Dinner, and the veteran discussed his reactions to the moves. We’ve compiled some of the more notables quotes below…

On the Cowboys’ window to compete for a Super Bowl:

“I just think the way Jason and Stephen and Jerry have built this team over the last three or four years has been from the inside out and you’re seeing the benefits of that. We’re still going. This wasn’t a one-year, two — we’re building this for the next five, six, seven years to sustain and any time you get an opportunity to get a guy like Collins you should take advantage of that.”

On how long he can continue playing in the NFL:

“When you have a good offensive line like we do the thought definitely crosses your mind to ensure you do everything possible to play longer than maybe what you had envisioned. We’ll reassess that in a few years. My wife will tell you, I’m talking a little more long term than I maybe had been. So we’ll see.”

On the Cowboys’ signing of La’el Collins, and the rookie’s journey:

“There are different paths to where you want to go. His was not ideal, nor was mine. His was different than mine, I don’t pretend, but I do know what it’s like not to get drafted when you know you have an opportunity to and I couldn’t imagine if you were a first-round guy who had to go from that weekend.

“This doesn’t happen 20 years ago, simply because of the internet and social media and what could happen and the way it could be perceived. I feel bad. That’s the one area you have to watch in life is just the attacks. In the court system it’s innocent until proven guilty but in the social world it’s really guilty until you’ve shown everybody you’re innocent. He’s a classic example of that. You hurt for guys like this that take a big hit.”

On Collins’ ability to pick his destination:

“Very few people are afforded that. I feel lucky and blessed now. If you’re going to be a player … there are benefits to picking your team. We all want to go in the first round but that doesn’t happen. You can look at it anyway you want but it still ended up being a very good thing for him.”

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