Extra Point Change Expected This Week

Football purists preferring the traditional post-touchdown procedure are about to lose this battle, according to the MMQB.com’s Peter King. The veteran writer tweets the long-rumored adjustment to the extra point is coming on Tuesday when the owners convene for their May meetings in San Francisco.

PFR’s Luke Adams summarized the three options for modifications to the extra point earlier this week, but the almost-automatic sequence will either become more difficult or put coaches to a more complex decision after TDs.

For any of the proposals to replace the current extra point play, it would require 75% of the league’s owners (24 of 32) to approve a change.

Kickers have missed just 26 of the last 4,939 extra points, as King points on (on Twitter). With each of the three proposals featuring a move of the kick back to the 15-yard line, the near-certainty of seven points lessens. Two-point plays would still take place from the 2-yard line in two of these proposed changes, with the Eagles’ proposal calling for them to move to the 1.

Last season, kickers collectively made 272-of-302 field goals between 30 and 39 yards, which is the range the extra point could well move to this season. Only one kicker, the Browns’ Billy Cundiff, failed to convert on more than two field goals from this range last season. And these kicks came from across the field between the hash marks, as opposed to down-the-middle tries that would ensue following touchdowns, likely raising the specialists’ accuracy levels.

Both of the proposals that advocate for the new 15-yard line try feature the most interesting aspect of the proposed adjustment: possible 98-yard two-point conversion return jaunts that are occasionally part of the college game. While this might induce a few extra pulled hamstrings with sudden long sprints necessitated, post-TD turnovers could swing margins in strange favors and create some interesting attempts at covering that distance should an interception or fumble recovery occur.

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One comment on “Extra Point Change Expected This Week

  1. paul

    Any change will drive the bookies in Vegas crazy. It wouldn’t be a bad thing since I don’t bet football anyway.


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