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Reports that the Seahawks and Russell Wilson are extremely far apart on terms are inaccurate, according to “a league source who knows exactly what’s going on” with the quarterback’s contract talks, Greg Bell of The News Tribune writes. In fact, the source went so far as to say that the report from Friday afternoon is almost entirely fictitious. Of course, when it comes to sensitive matters and reports backed up by anonymous sources, it’s sometimes hard to parcel out the truth and the smoke screens.

The source explained to Bell that the talks, which began in earnest following the Super Bowl, are a work in progress. Because it’s a process that will take time, the source says that talk of an insurmountable gulf is not accurate. Head coach Pete Carroll called the talks “slow” earlier this month, and that seems to be supported by the claims of the source close to the negotiations.

Earlier today, Jason Cole of Bleacher Report said that Wilson would likely have to wait until after the 2015 season to land a new deal. According to Cole, Wilson is seeking a contract worth at least $20MM annually, while the Seahawks aren’t willing to go that high.

The Seahawks and Wilson still have more than two months before training camp begins and it’s hard to say where the two sides stand given today’s conflicting reports. Whether there’s a large gulf between the two sides or simply slow moving talks, it sounds like a lot has to come together for an agreement to be reached prior to the 2015 season.

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