AEI Report Critical Of Ted Wells Report

Kevin Hassett, Joseph Sullivan, and Stan Veuger are criticizing the findings of the Ted Wells Report on deflated footballs in New England. The three authors’ work has been published on the website of the American Enterprise Institute–AEI. The New York Times also summarized this new report for their audience.

This report is timely, coming a little more than a week ahead of Tom Brady‘s appeal hearing. It could become more ammunition that exonerates Brady and the Patriots of wrongdoing, or at least generate enough doubt to help get his suspension reduced or eliminated, according to

AEI, which notably claims to have no financial stake in the findings our outcome, describes the original findings of Ted Wells to be unreliable. Among aspects of the case it calls into question, it rejects the idea that the Patriots’ footballs had a more significant drop in air pressure than did the Colts’ footballs in the first half of the AFC Championship game.

The new report also calls into question the process in which officials tested the footballs, saying that only four Colts’ football were tested at halftime as opposed to 11 of the Patriots’ footballs, and raises questions about the environments they were each tested in and the amount of gauges used before re-inflating them. notes that the AEI report on player injuries data on the heels of Bountygate helped a number of Saints’ players have their suspensions vacated in 2012, and hopes that Brady will be able to use this new information to his advantage when he meets with Commissioner Roger Goodell on June 23rd.

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