Seahawks, Others Inquired On James Jones

We haven’t heard many rumors about James Jones since he was released by the Raiders following the draft, but the veteran wideout wants to continue his career, telling Josina Anderson of (Twitter link) that he’s not retiring. “If you need a wide receiver, come get me,” Jones tells Anderson.

According to Jones’ agent, the Seahawks, Giants, and Chiefs all made preliminary inquiries after the wide receiver his the open market last month, tweets Anderson. The 31-year-old has yet to make any free agent visits, however.

After spending seven seasons in Green Bay, Jones established a new career high in 2014 with 73 receptions in Oakland, easily the most catches for any player currently available. Given the conservative nature of the Raiders’ offense though, Jones averaged just 9.1 yards per catch, significantly below his career mark, for a total of only 666 yards.

While Jones caught balls from rookie Derek Carr last year, teams like the Seahawks, Giants, and Chiefs all have established signal-callers at the helm, and Jones wouldn’t be relied upon to be a primary option for any of those clubs. I’d be a little surprised if the former third-round pick doesn’t find a new home by the time the regular season begins.

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One comment on “Seahawks, Others Inquired On James Jones

  1. FmsAmos

    Jones would be a great addition to the Chiefs roster for the next few season while KC develops rookie WR Conley and hopefully another WR in next years draft but KC has to get Houston Signed before they do anything else. GM John Dorsey has no excuses if Houston isn’t signed to a long term deal. Dorsey came into town and immidiatly extend WR Dwane Bowe which any realistic Chief fan would had told Dorsey that it would be better to let Bowe walk rather than to pay him as a top receiver. Bowe can make amazing catches, that’s not the problem. It’s the catches that matter are the ones that Bowe drops, I mean right between his hands when landing in his lap. Dorsey should had used the team’s cap space to extend Houston instead of Franchising him. When you have a player that has only gotten better after each season and everyone who’s watched him play can see that he hasn’t come close to reaching his ceiling so you don’t let players like that who have been playing on a 3rd rounders paycheck and is upset he fell to the 3rd when he was a 1st round talent but fell do to minor off field issues so you don’t want him to get another season under his belt which will only raise his value and oh man did it, 22 sacks plus single handily putting us in situations to win the game. Justin Houston is literally like having a great QB that will always put your team in a position to win the game and if everyone else does their job then you will win the game. Not only did we franchise him and not extend him b/f last season started Dorsey had still not got the job done while JJ Watt was about to set the market for franchise defensive players like Houston and then still didn’t get it done while Suh hit FA and reset the market again so Dorsey not wanting to pay Houston $100million, well if you had come to KC and talked to fans or really did your homework then you wouldn’t had messed with signing Bowe and would had locked up Houston for the next five years for $60-$70million. No, you messed up and allowed Houston to rack up another great season, let JJ Watt set the market then let Suh reset the market and I’m usually against paying a defensive player that much money but when you have a QB in Alex Smith you feel you can win with who isn’t a player that can demand top five QB money and that defensive player is the difference between winning and losing then I’m all for it.


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