NFL Could Place Aaron Kromer On Leave

Regardless of what the Bills end up deciding to do with offensive line coach, Aaron Kromer, who was arrested last night, the NFL has the ability to place Kromer on paid administrative leave immediately, according to Mike Rodak of

The league has the right to make such a move based on the NFL’s personal conduct policy, which extends not only to players but to all NFL employees as well. Consider it likely that the league will take this route while it conducts a thorough investigation into the matter. While such an investigation could take weeks or months, according to Rodak, the league would reserve the right to keep Kromer out of his job on paid leave until it came to a decision on his punishment.

Rodak also reproduces the relevant part of the updated player conduct policy that applies to this situation. This new policy was enacted last December, and therefore Kromer is subject to it. It states that the league has the right to place anyone on paid administrative leave if they are formally charged with a crime of violence or if an investigation leads the Commissioner to believe the personal conduct policy was violated.

Importantly, Rodak notes that this paid leave will last until the league office comes to a final decision, even through the appeals process if necessary: “Leave with pay will generally last until the league makes a disciplinary decision and any appeal from that discipline is fully resolved.”

For Kromer, that means that even if the Bills decide to keep him on staff, he won’t be involved with the team in any capacity until after the league investigates these allegations and decides whether to suspend, fine, or clear him.

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One comment on “NFL Could Place Aaron Kromer On Leave

  1. Dallas Robinson

    I wonder if the Bills just bypass this and fire Kromer altogether. An incident like this, especially given that it involves Kromer violently threatening a minor, is not going to sit well with anyone (and shouldn’t). I can’t see how he keeps his job provided the allegations are true.


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