Kam Chancellor “Dug In” With Holdout

Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor has made his position very clear from the beginning of his holdout. He alerted the team he would hold out if his contract was not renegotiated, and has not wavered from that position. The second preseason game has already started, and Chancellor is still waiting for his contract to be addressed.

Preseason games and training camp are one thing, but missing regular season games take a different kind of commitment. With a base salary of $4.55MM, per OverTheCap.com, he would miss upwards of of $267,000 per week through the regular season. Most players wouldn’t be willing to forgo those game checks when push comes to shove.

Chancellor’s former teammate Michael Robinson believes that the All-Pro safety is serious about his threat. When asked on NFL Total Access if he could envision Chancellor missing the full season, he admitted that he could, writes Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

“From what I know of the situation, yeah,” said Robinson. “He’s dug in. He really feels that they have the ability to pay him.”

Robinson, a former fullback who was a member of the Super Bowl Championship Seahawks. He says he has remained close to Chancellor, and that the two have spoken about the safeties situation.

Just two days ago, we heard from Chancellor’s agent that nothing had changed and that he would not report until the two sides would be able to compromise on a new deal. Everything changes once these holdouts start effecting the player’s pockets, but if he is serious it will be an interesting beginning of the season. Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas are both dealing with injuries that could limit them early on, and Chancellor has long been a marquee player on these great Seahawks defenses.


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