NFC Quotes: Galette, Kalil, Forte, Foles

As training camps have started around the league, we’ve compiled some assorted quotes from the NFC:

Recently-signed linebacker Junior Galette on the opportunity to play with Washington (via Mike Jones of The Washington Post):

“First of all, I’m thankful to be here. Just thankful to have the opportunity. Just blessed and grateful to be a [member of the organization], and now just want to move forward, not worry about the past, but just what’s ahead of me.

“I could’ve waited a little longer, but I love football and I didn’t want to be sitting around anymore. On the porch for five, six days is a little uncomfortable.”

Vikings lineman Matt Kalil on having his fifth-year option picked up (via Mark Craig of the Star Tribune):

“If I had a Pro Bowl season last year, I’m sure I would have already restructured, but I didn’t. I think it’s fair. You have to work to earn that money. For me, just playing well takes care of everything. I either get the fifth-year option money or they restructure my contract.”

Bears running back Matt Forte‘s reaction to not receiving an extension (via the Associated Press):

“I’m under contract anyway. When I was talking about the deal and that type of stuff, it really made sense. From my aspect I was trying to lower the cap number and then I’d be able to continue my career here as well. But you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Like I’ve said plenty of times both sides have to want to do it.”

Rams GM Les Snead on potentially signing quarterback Nick Foles longterm (via the Associated Press):

“I always go to this: “Hey, if a quarterback is playing well and you’re winning, having team success, you have no problem asking your owner to write the check.”

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