NFLPA Issues Motion In Brady Case

As lawyers for both the NFL and NFLPA continued to meet in New York earlier today to discuss Tom Brady‘s appeal, the union has issued an opposition to the league’s Brady motion. The 19-page document is available here, and Sports Illustrated legal expert Michael McCann has been providing his analysis via Twitter.

The documents levies specific charges at investigator Ted Wells, noting that Wells said Brady would not punished for not disclosing his text messages. Furthermore, the filing highlights that Wells did indicate that the analysis of halftime PSI measurements was based on “uncertain” data, per McCann.

Per McCann, the new filing is “the most direct attack on [Roger] Goodell yet,” opining that because the memo is so scathing, the chances of a settlement between the two parties no appear slim. Furthermore, says McCann, the NFL appears to have lost the public relations battle, arguing that even if a judge rules in the league’s favor, one “could argue that Goodell has already lost DeflateGate.”

Indeed, in perhaps the harshest language used by either side during the entire squabble, the NFLPA’s filing calls the Wells report “a propaganda piece written for public consumption…to validate a multi-million-dollar ‘independent’ investigation.”

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3 comments on “NFLPA Issues Motion In Brady Case

  1. Charles

    For those fans of teams not named the New England Patriots don’t let the NFL’s team of liars convince you the investigation was an independent investigation, and please don’t swallow the crap they are spewing about Tom being deceitful in his testimony, not only did the commish lie he had his representative Wells directly tell Brady that he didn’t need the phone but only messages from a specific time period, Tom Brady’s Attorney supplied this information to the NFL at the unbiased (quack) appeal hearing all 10 thousand of them! You would think when the Judge told the court that after reading the transcripts of the appeal hearing he wanted to know what factual evidence the NFL had , and the answer they came back with is none! This has been nothing more than a witch hunt, based in supposition and lacking any physical evidence to support this sham! Shame on you Roger Goodell and the other team owners who were behind this attack, I hope TB sues this group of greedy whiners for Defamation of character when the Judge throws this out of his court room on the 19th.

  2. Homosaps

    No evidence of tampering. Data crap, Wells report garbage and now more lies and deceit from the NFL. Goodell’s legacy will be a losing fight for the NFL in the next CBA contract. Goodell’s gone even if the court upholds the suspension.

  3. bill

    all N.E. fans should boycott all other nfl games or anything to do with the nfl . the f in nfl is flunkies


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